GBA games.

Densetsu, not Dentsu. 8p
And try out the Castlevania games, especially Aria of Sorrow.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Not so much frustrating as literally impossible, you need a Gameshark to get all of them. No way around it.

nah i got them all easy. and that zelda video rocked

Since otherwise I’d have to find someone who has the alternate version, and since admitting to liking Pokemon at University would probably destroy my social standing, gameshark it probably will be. :frowning:

And man but that is the most blatently false statement I’ve ever heard. :smiley:

Awww don’t feel bad pier, lots of losers at my school love pokemon too! :hahaha;

J/K guy. :cool:

Well, you do live in Europe, and you need to go to Japan to fill the Pokedex completely, so Pokemon is a little hard to complete at the moment.
(Alternatively, you could import a Japanese Gamecube and Japanese copy of Emerald, but there’s still two you won’t be able to get.)

Ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what Nintendo should do? Release some kind of super-version of Sapphire on DS with everything ever. And by this I don’t mean Diamond/Pearl, which is gonna be all different again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the games, but I still think they may be taking it a liiitle too far. :hahaha;

And as an aside, I don’t deny that I play Pokemon. Behind all the hype, kiddiness and cute stuff lies a damn solid RPG will nigh-endless strategic elements, as everyone around here knows. And if anyone makes fun of me for it, I tell them that.

How about… releasing a pair of pokemon versions, and their’ on the same cartridge… and you play one ON EACH DIFFERENT SCREEN!!!

In all seriousness, check out metroid ZM, MMZ (only played the first, will get the others soon), and FFTA. I personally thought GS was one of the most overrated pieces of crap I ever played. Then, maybe I was expecting too much of it.

I can Help. Now to Blag a Trip to Hull to see a mate of mine/Challenge Pie, Just Listen… (Clicky here).

I think you need Fire Red and Leaf Green to collect Most of them. (Charmader Bulbasaur and Squirtle are only Found Normally and Can be Transferd to RR & SB).

Big Nutter
I would Recomend Getting KH:COM when it comes out. (10 Dec AMAZON.CO.UK)

EDIT: Check The Bargin Bins For Phantisty Star 1-3. 3 RPG on 2 Cart. Oh Don’t read a certan FART On Macc’s HQ. I’ve Missed a few times but have a look there You’ll Find some Gems. (I hate/Love the One Week Returned RPGers)

People who complain about game difficulty like that in Megaman Zero are the REASON that games are getting too soft…

Bring back the games that make you throw the controller with anger, those were the good days…

Amen. Nothing beats the surge of adrenaline you get when you finally can say “Fuck you [Company name here]! I beat your motherfucking [Insert hard-mode name here]! Who’s yo’ daddy?!”

Once it comes out, KH: COM

Although you said you didn’t like it, for anyone who is reading this thread get Breath of Fire. The Castlevania games as well as the Pokemon games are good. Gardevoir from pokemon R/S is cool.

HOLY ASS JUICE! I forgot about my babies, I’m sorry… ohhh god, sweet hearts, Daddies sooo sorry!!!

CASTLEVANIA!!! How the hell could i have forgot…!?! stabs self in face

Yeah, the castlevania games were really really good, I loved Juste Belmont, his theme was awesome…

Aria of Sorrow was good too…

But if you were to avoid only one of them, Circle of the Moon was pretty bad in comparison to the others, but still worth playing.

Mmm… I only played Castelvania 64 (Though I used Carrie because it was easier and you got a deeper look into the Malus/Dracula thing.).

Can you recomend some good games from the saga?

I’ve just confirmed (with the Official Guide AND online) that ALL pokemon EVER (including the likes of Serebi, Jiraachi and Deoxis) CAN be found and/or transplanted to Pokemon Fire/Leaf. Which means, since the pokemon data must be in the receiving cartridge (locked up) with a gameshark, you FINALLY CAN CATCH THEM ALL. All you have to do is find the codes, which I’ll bet are available online. Viva Gameshark.

I got the original 151 by snatching Evees and Kabuto from Pokémon Stadium and winning Mew on a tournament. And then my cousin deleted my game.

I’m never touching a Pokémon game again.

Without gameshark, it’s possible to get all but 6 of them I believe. Because you need the special tickets to get Ho-oh, Lugia, Dexoys. In Ruby/sapphire you can get jirachi and in emerald they will finally let you get mew. But there is still no way legally to get a celebi :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think they ever gave The U.S. a chance and just gave it to the Japanese verison.