Being a licensed driver now, I can officially bitch about gas prices.

I just paid $1.79 a gallon for regular. Seriously, what the fuck is up with this country. This shit needs to change.

Bitch about gas prices here.

dude you should seriously not complain. i dont get why the whole country complains about 1.73/gal. here in California we have to pay bout 2.39/gal. jeez youve got it good.

Two years until I have to bitch about it, but I like doing things in advance.

$6.00 for a regular gallon. Beat that you foo :suckah:

Uh, sorc, just a few years ago (and I think today still), Georgia had the lowest gas prices in the nation. Yes, yes, I remember the 88 cents from a few years ago, but we really have no right to complain. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, being sarcastic, if you want lower gas prices, you should support the Iraq war. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorc: your gas is FUCKING cheap :P.

1.79?? Haha, move to California, then bitch.

When I got my driver’s license, gas was around 0.60 $/L. Now it’s 0.95 $/L. I’m too lazy to convert those prices in US$/gallon, but it’s more expensive than anything you could find in the U.S. I went to California and rented a car there for a week this summer. I was pleasantly surprised by the cheap gas prices. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, really. Yours isn’t that expensive.

The ones in my city draw up around 2, 3 bucks per gal.

I need to check again to see if they’ve fallen a bit.

Try living in Connecticut. I DARE you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try living in Northern Ontario!

Converting from litres to gallons, and Canadian Dollars to US Dollars, I pay 2.66 a Gallon.

That is cheaper than California before the gas prices rose. Usually the low gas price is around $1.80-$1.89 a gallon, this was before the gas prices rose.

Dude, I wish I could ONLY pay 1 79 a fucking gallon. Us Californians live in California, you can’t compete with our gas prices :stuck_out_tongue: Go complain in some other thread, us cali peeps own this shit :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see why I’d want to compete with your sucky ass gas prices, bitch. :stuck_out_tongue:

fuck, man, $10 gets me half a tank from near empty. I’m happy.

That’s what happens when you only have a 12 gallon tank.

1.84 here. Yeah, most people in the US really don’t have as much complaint material here compared to other places. You Cali peeps though… man, I remeber being on my business trips out there and filling up my rental car thinking “DAMN, I’m glad this isn’t my money!”

SG: I love the way you write
Gas down the street in Cali: ~$2:10

Highest around here is about 2.10. Lowest is about 1.73 or so.

Gas prices? Oh yeah, I’d bitch about those if my car hadn’t EXPLODED! Sorry, but nobody has room to complain about vehicle costs unless they are topping $500 in repairs over the past month. As for actual gas prices though, I know that I have it easy as fuck. Gas in Southern Illinois is cheap like whore who likes it.