Gamestop - to work there or not...

This thread became a thread simply because as I was responding to someone’s post, I realized that I was trying to reach out to everyone who would be a potential slave of the corperation.

Heres my oats and berries:


Anyway, lol, heres my opinion about working for Gamestop (since I did for 2 years):

~Minimum Wage: Lets face it, this is not much money. And for retail, minimum wage means “Lots of work for smallest compensation available”.

~Subscriptions/Reservations: If your store is anything like it should be (acording to the company) your manager will ride your case to sell as many Game Informer subscriptions (that include the “More Card”) as humanly possible every single day. Adding in the fact that you’ll want to ask every customer if they want to “reserve somthing” really gets annoying.

~Children: I hate them, this part is simply me ranting at the fact that Gamestop is viewed by many as “the place to drop off your shit-eathing little brats while you don’t have the responsibility required as a parent to take care of them while you shop…”

~Discount: You’d probably think to yourself “Wow, I get a % off on games at gamestop! That’d be sweet since thats all I want to buy!”. Lets look at this more objectively then, shall we? You get 15% off. That (in washington) barely lowers the price (because of tax) below the marked price. Now, adding to this gayness is the fact that you do NOT get a discount on systems, new or used. Furthermore, the discount used to be 20% but they cut that down about a year ago!

~The merger: EB and Gamestop are in the process of finalizing the merger (cough buyout cough) and this means another thing… No competition, or at least, alot less. What do we suspect will happen to the company because of that? Higher prices, lower discounts.

Why? Why Izlude, why would you say these things? Why wouldnt you mind your own business and let us work there if we want to?

Well, I don’t really mind if you work there knowing that all of this is going to slap you in the face. I’m just trying to voice out to all those would-be gamers who fell victim to the call of “A jorb selling teh videogamez!”

What it boils down to is this, Gamestop sells games, but its still retail. Shitty low-class retail at that. If you are at least 18 years old, you can get a MUCH better retail job (if you are looking to work in that field) and make much more money.

Objectively, to justify yourself with the job choice, consider that gamestop’s discount is shitty because with the low amount of money you make, you really arent getting compensated. It is my heartfelt plea that you also keep in mind that if you find a better paying job, you’ll have MORE money to spend on the games, thus coming out with MORE money than you would working at gamestop with the shitty-discount!

So heres the end of my rant, please think carefully and consider this. I too wanted to work at gamestop because it was cool to sell video games and I knew alot about them. However, I changed over to a luggage salesperson at a Malm Luggage store in our mall where I went from $7.25/hr at gamestop to my new pay of $9.50+Commision.

The increase in pay and hours is well more than the amount I was saving at gamestop with the 15%. Not to mention it is ALOT less stressful of a job with no more than 4-5 customers coming into the store per hour. Needless to say, its a good find, and inspiration for me to suggest that all of you look for GOOD retail jobs, and not Gamestop. Maybe if we all stand up and say “We wont tolerate this shitty pay” then the company will begin to give better compensation to thier hard working employees.

Thats all, have fun.

$7.25 is your minimum wage? Geez. Must be a higher state minimum wage from Washington. And 15% sales tax? Man. I love Cobb’s 5% sales tax. >.>

Good advice. I once thought about working in an EB store, but went to work in a one-hour photo lab at a CVS pharmacy shop instead. I think you really hit on something telling with the part about not being deceived by a discount on merchandise or by how you’re working with videogames the whole day - it’s still retail, and looks like one of the worst types of retail jobs, too (lots of customer interaction with customers who have no idea what they’re doing).

7.25??? You’re complaining about 7.25? Holy shit dude, minimum wage here is 5.15, and you’re lucky to get close to 7, even if you’re full time somewhere.

The only reason i’d ever work with a bunch of nerds/animu fags is to get my hands on the early releases, and dump them and share them :slight_smile:

Gamestop sounds like UK’s Game. I’ve heard that There are only 3 full-time enployees at each store, the Manager and pair of sales clerk, the rest are Part time and get the min wage you can Legally get (£4.10 (The min for 16-17)), and also on off-days “forced” “to go home.” Very Pete Tong, Let me tell you. And They will not accept me since they have to play an extra pound for my Min wage.

Gamestation UK on the other hand is good, I beleve that wilst they are above Min wage. Most staff stay for ages. There hasn’t been an opening for any one for some time.

I’m Bad at speaking about anything other that games or stuff that essites me.

The reason he can complain about minimum wage being only $7.25 while yours is only $5.15 is because of the difference in the cost of living. Each area cost a different amount just to make it. Where you live $5.15 may go a lot further than where Izlude lives. Hell, in the military there is a housing allowance if you live off base and it is all based on where you live and it can vary wildly just between cities not even getting into states or countries. So it just depends on where you live.

Yeah, 7.25 is not alot of money when your shitty 2 bedroom apartment cost $940 a month and water is not included…

It’s called minimum wage for a reason. Or would you rather work fast food?

A job is a job. if you can get it, who the fuck cares about the kids, or the retail, or the discount reduction and booboohooboo, no one, that’s who. If you really need a job, you’ll fucking take it, and it you don’t, work probably isn’t important enough that you’ll do what it takes to get money.

I agree completely with SG. Food/water/shelter are more important than getting a percent off on games, or hating children. I work at a comic book store, and will probably continue working their at least up until college, and through college if I stay here. I make 5.16 or so an hour, and get a 30% discount on one TPB per pay period, and get a 50.00 dollar bonus if I can sell so many products in a day, from the free promotional things included. When I hit 16, and my minimum wage restriction (along with my workhour restriction) goes up, I’ll make about 5.75. That’s not much money, and is unusually low for our cost of living.
I really don’t like dealing with people, especially not trying to seel them stuff, but it’s money, money which will be very useful should my parents ever for some reason cease putting a roof over my head, or I leave said roof.
Is this a bad deal, too, Izlude?

My whole point is just to warn people who were perspective Gamestop employees for the sole reason of “I get to work at a game store and get a discount on the games.” that there are better paying jobs that are just as easy to obtain that require less work and would likely make them less stressful. Thats all I’m saying. I just wanted to point out how shitty the job was to help explain that if you are JUST DOING IT FOR THE GAMES it is not worth it.

True, a job is a job, but there are better easier jobs. Maybe not everyone is able to get a job better than that. If that is the case, I’m sorry.

Man, this thread just reminds me how bad I need to get off my ass and go find a job. Thanks, assholes. :stuck_out_tongue:

But all high school jobs/first jobs are shitty in their own little way.

I live in a little tiny secluded Irish town of doomy doom boredom, so no jobs for me :frowning:

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If you don’t like Gamestop because of the pay, try going through a temp agency like Manpower or Adecco. They’ll hire anyone who speaks coherent English for easy factory jobs that pay $9-10 per hour. No noisy children, just noisy equipment.

I worked as a temp doing office work for about a month and a half. Never. Again.

I had the easiest job in the world, pumping gas. But, I have no willpower, so I pretty much stole more than I ever made from that place. They caught me, and I got fired. (For stealing and drinking their alcohol in the freezer)


I’d get a job pumping gas myself if it weren’t for the fact you have to be 18 since minors can’t sell tobacco products. -_-’

Thats awesome, drinking booze and stealing gas at your workplace… May have been short lived, but that sounds fun!