Gamestop - to work there or not...

Uh, I’m 17 and I sell tobacco. :stuck_out_tongue:

And man, Walgreens is better than that. $8.20 starting wage ($6.75 minimum) for a couple of bitchy people and a usually good time.

Well now, I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:

but if ur a gurl working dere, all da guyz’ll hit on u n’ buy u free lunch! omg girl gamerz

aka desperate attention whores lol amirite

For more info on “attention whores” please attend your local anime convention and look for the bouncy bimbos in the skimpy anime girl outfits.

Real girls go to anime conventions? What the fuck?

They’re paid.

Well that’s a different thing entirely.

That, I’ll also agree with.