Games you want to play but can't.

Let’s have a go at this here.

What games do you want to play really badly, but for whatever reason, you can’t? And, why can’t you?(And hey, maybe a few of us will get something out of this)

For me, I would love to play:

Birthright - A totally awesome D&D style PC game, that I acutally own.
Reason I can’t play it - I lost it. :bowser:

Vay - Neato RPG for the Sega CD.

Disgaea - Cool looking game for the PS2.
Reason - The only copy I can find costs $90! (Canadian)

Eternal Champions: Challange from the Dark Side for Sega CD. I absolutely loved the first Eternal Champions, and would give a kidney to play the second. But I never had a Sega CD - hell, I never even had a genesis - and no ISO seems to exist.

Game I want to play: Sims2
Why I can’t play: My comp sucks.

Game(s) I want to play: Just about any good game my PowerBook will support.
Reason I can’t: No stupid computer store in this lousy hickville metroplex has ANY Mac game, and I mean ANY.

Now, some answers!

For Edmonton residents, try Nexwave gaming. It’s right near NAIT, and has everything from Atari to Xbox. (Except the games I want:p)

For others, E-bay is the answer. If they don’t have what you need, nobody does.

What I want to play: Valkyrie Profile
Reason I can’t play: I have never actually seen this game in my life. Really. I have never seen a copy.

What I want to play: Chrono Cross
Why I can’t: My copy is borked.

Three years ago, it was kinda common to find VP, but now, It’s so hard to find it, I am going Insane. I hate life for not keeping VP after my PS2 died.

Other games I want to play but can’t.

KOTOR: My computer is ill-equipped and won’t play it, so I gave it to my brother for his B-Day.

Growlanser Generations: Do not have 100 dollars to get a used PS2 nor the 90 dollars to get said game.

La Pucelle: Tactics. Same as above for not having PS2, but is also my brother’s X-mas present.

GTA: San Andreas - Because it isn’t out for PC yet

Every single rpg made. yes, that is the games i want to play. reasons? lack of money and horrid computer. Seriously, any rpg I can get my hands on that seems to be any good at all, I try and get, espiecially if it’s a harder to get game. But i just don’t hae the money. And there are several pc games i’d like to get, such as Starcraft and etc. but my computer sucks just using the internet, and again, don’t have momney to get a good one.

I know where to find the ISO. I’ll PM you with it.

Want to play: Every PS and PS2 RPG I own.
Can’t Play Because: My PS2 went bust.

If you comp ccan’t support Starcraft it must be ancient.

Want to play: FF9
Why I can’t: Can’t find a copy anywhere.

Want to play: City of Heroes
Why I can’t: My computer sucks, but apparently not as much as Lugia’s

Want to play: GTA: San Andreas
Why I can’t: I’ve been stuck on the same mission for the last two weeks

Langrisser V - Finale to the Langrisser series, and has rockin’ music to boot.

Reason I can’t play: Well, I could technically play it cos I have the PSX ISO; however, there is no script translation available that I know of. There’s one of Langrisser IV, so I’m gonna end up playing that…but, no such thing seems to exist for Langrisser V. :confused:

bows head ashamedly Yes, my computer sucks very much.

Game : Every PC game I like
Reason : My PC’s not plugged in yet, since my room hasn’t been refurbished to the point where it’s livable.

Game I Wish to Play: Alter Code F

Reason I Can’t: Agetec moved the release date to 2nd Quarter of 2005.

PM me, and I’ll help you out of this predicament. I’ve got 100% in SA, you know.

Oh, just about everything that never gets brought over the shores to PAL land.

Dragon Quest (none. NONE. Just the pokémon copy)
Grandia Xtreme
Tales of Destiny 2


I’d like to play Dragon Warrior 4 for PSX, but, well, um, it didn’t come out in the States and I don’t know Japanese. I’m not one of those people who plays a game without understanding what’s said.

Doom 3 - My pc would writhe in agony at the sight of it

Grim Fandango - Can’t afford it

Half-Life Platinum Collection Second Edition - Can’t afford it

Super Metroid (SNES) - Can’t afford it

Clocktower (PS1) - Can’t afford it

Alone in the Dark Trilogy - Can’t find it, probably can’t afford it anyways

The Sims expansion packs - Can’t afford them

Darkstalkers (PS1) - Can’t afford it

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Can’t afford it

It sucks to be broke. :\

Everquest II - I cannot play this game because I do not have a suitable PC, I do not have the time on top of World of Warcraft, and I really just wanted to TRY the game out. I know it is good, but I’d like to have seen it for myself.

Resident Evil 4 - Havent got the money, yet.

Paper Mario - Same