Games you want to play but can't.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

A “friend” stole the copies. If you ever meet George Cheng in life, he’ll be around 15 years old, tell him I’m coming for him. I’ll NEVER give my games out again.

Growlanser Generations-Money
FFXI-I…don’t have a graphics card.
Half Life 2-Read Above
Front Mission 3/Brave Fencer Musashi-Money
Zelda: TWW/Fire Emblem Gamecube-I won’t be getting a Gamecube, my parents aren’t getting me all 3 next-gen systems. I doubt it…can’t blame 'em.

I…really wish I had a job. sigh

Edit: Y tu? And you? Am I right? I’m in Spanish class, that’s all, just wonderinig.

Yeah :smiley:

I’ve got FOUR copies of Super Metroid. Make me an offer. =D

That’s one.

I am desperate to find a copy of Lunar: SSSC and the “Tales of…” games for the PSX. Also, there’s absolutely everything ever made for the PS2, as I don’t have one (XENOSAGA!!!)

Games: Too many to mention…

Reason: Not released in PAL format, impossible to find or not released in Australia (not yet)coughzeldaminishcapcough

Game: Final Fantasy XI

Reason: PC can’t handle it and can’t afford to pay for a MMORPG. :bowser: Now, if it was a console game instead of a MMORPG…sigh

I’m curious now - why do you have four copies?

12 files!

Half Life 2
Reason: horrible computer :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve always wanted to own the Lunar games, but I’ve never specifically searched for them anywhere. shrugs

I can’t play Final Fantasy XI. Reason? I don’t have a good computer that can support it, and I can’t afford a PS2-online thingabobber right now.

I can’t play Everquest. Reason? I have a copy, and some expansions, but I tried it; never seemed to load up properly. Probably another problem on my computers’ part. And, I had one month free (probably all I’d play :P).

Games i wanna play

Might and Magic 6
Might and Magic 7

Why i cant:

MM6: Cant find it anywhere, and my friend lost his copy
MM7: it just wont run under winxp -_-

Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2

Reason: my current computer blows monkey testicles and I don’t ahve an xbox.

Thanks to one of my friends, I downloaded a Vay ROM, and am playing it as we speak!:mwahaha:

I’m still waiting on Disgaea and Birthright, though. :fungah:

Vay’s alright. It began to get a little boring at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

FFXI-PS2 version is too expensive. And as for the PC version, this computer would die if I tried to play it on it.

Halo and Halo 2-I’ve played some of Halo one and would like to play the rest of it and Halo 2 but I cant because I dont have an X-box.

Elder Scrolls 3:Morrowind-Computer would die

Out of the ones I can think right now I say

Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go! Eternal Wings

I haven’t found it… well, I did, but it cost 60€… it was expensive…

I always wanted to play FF XI and megaman X
reason I cant :too damn lazy to go to the store and browse…that and I forget…literally

I want to play Dual Orb 1 and Monster Maker 3 in English but they were never released for Super Nintendo. I played the Super Famicom versions but i had to struggle through them because i can’t read Japanese- i never finished Monster Maker 3 because of the language problem but if it came out in English maybe i could get farther in the game- Also there are no English translated ROMS of these games either.