Games that should exist, but dont

Here’s my list:

Title: Hyrule online

Title: Super smash Bros. Tactics
Genre: Tactical RPG

Title: Final fantasy: Final combat
Genre: Side-scrolling fighter

Title: DDR online
Genre: Dance

Title: Nippon legends
Genre: Tactical RPG

Title: RPG maker TACTICS
Genre: Tactical RPG designer

Title: Killer lambs
Genre: Sensless killer

More to come

Please post your lists

Skies of Arcadia Tactics
Imagine Skies of Arcadia but with a strategy style system with airships.

Self explanatory.

Worlds of Starcraft.
I ripped off this idea from someone here but tell me it doesn’t sound awesome.

Megaman 9
Seriously, just tell us what happens between 8 and X1 already.

Megaman Protoman/Blues.
Why not? He kicks just as much ass as Zero.

Breath of Fire VI
I’m waiting Capcom.

Chrono Break

Another zelda where they have huge heads, like windwaker, but the story should be continued. Thats the only one i have, i cant really think of any others…i had a few others, but i think they have them in japan, so therefore they are games.

Starcraft II

1 Final Fantasy VII without super deformed characters
2 GTA San Andreas with turn based battle system (fucking hilarious)
3 Any Super Mario game with naked characters (baboombalistic hilarious)

A game where you control a midget and a stick. You run around a grocery store and just smack the shit out of people. Also, the midget has on ONLY a loincloth…yeah, that would work.

Just thought of something:

Harvest Moon: Resident Evil.
It’s perfect. You get to do all the farming/manwhoring that makes these games wonderful and beat the crap out of invading zombies to break the monotony. You water your crops, milk your cows and save the old lady from being eaten by flesh-consuming ghouls.

This reminds me of a dream I had wherein EA bought Namco (or whoever made HM, cant remember off my head), and made ‘Harvest Doom’, which is kinda the same idea, but with more of the EA-style mass marketing.

Edit: Not that thats a good idea.

A Megaman game staring Protoman would be my pick. And thank you Seraphim for putting that idea out. The game would kick ass in so many directions that the world would be brown.

Bomberman Online.

Okay, I’ve got a great idea.
It’s a game, where people make your mom jokes.

And then you stab them.
In the face.

How is that different from everyday life?

A super slow paced mmo that lets you fly around in space ships and pk lowbies and is super vast like the real universe…

Oh wait, it does exist…

As much as this’ll sound like a spam-post, I just have to second that.

In response to the first post, I thought ASCII actually did make SimRPG Tsukuru (Maker) for Windows. And there’s a translation out there, but it’s illegal because it is a distribution of the full game.

I remember 5 (or more?) years ago, I used to go to this Japanese website that let you play Bomberman (or a Bomberman clone, to be exact) online with random people. That was pretty sweet…

I’m still waiting for another Kid Icarus game… sigh

Atomic Bomberman was a step towards that, but sucked.

Just think of the technical difficulties.
Games I’d like to see:

Uniracers remake, prefereably online.


Magic Carpet Online


They did. I’m not sure what it’s called, though. I remember I played it once…wasn’t really that impressed to tell you the truth. Then again I’ve never been to impressed with the RPGMakers (95 adn 2000, don’t know about the rest). Fighter Maker 95, however, was pretty interesting even though I never got anything made with it. :frowning:

A Diablo version of Tetris Attack. Imagine the possibilities!!!