Games that need to be translated

There are 3 very important games that really need to be translated:

Bloody Warriors

Fist of the North Star(Hokuto no Ken) 3 and 4.

Why haven’t these ever been done yet?

<img src=“”>Maybe cause no group WANT to or CAN translate them…

I just thought I’d ask, since these are rather highly rated Japanese NES RPG’s. They shouldn’t be any more difficult to translate that any other NES RPG. Instead, we get translations for stuff like ‘Samurai Pizza Cats’. :slight_smile:

Ugh, Fist of the North Star. I wasn’t aware they made more than one, but if the first is any indication, the 3rd and 4th are better left untranslated.

Actually, Fist of the North Star 1 and 2 were action games, and bad ones at that, but 3 & 4 were actually really good RPG’s, at least from the reviews I’ve read.

Bloody Warriors was being worked on, but it’s dropped off the radar. It’s been so long since I’ve seen news of it that I don’t even remember who was having a go at it.

I know, I saw a partial patch somewhere on the web, and it was pretty old, I wish someone would pick it up again. Maybe we can send a petition to ‘Dejap’ or ‘Demi’, they seem to do alot of translations currently.

Actually, DeJap Seems to be Very Busy, They Need to redo Star Ocean Translation (Tomato’s HQ died with the finished Project), and also, They have a lot of other Projects to do.

Don’t you dare send any petitions to anybody. People translate games because they want to, not because a bunch of grubby kids tell them to. At best, a petition would be ignored, at worst, it would aggrivate the person it’s sent to, disrupting any projects they ARE working on. 'Sides, Dejap’s busy with Star Ocean, and Demi’s doing some sort of Chrono Trigger project (basically, he’s recreating Chrono Trigger for the PC).

Star Ocean never got really got deleted. They were able to restore a good portion of the script. Last I heard, Tomato finished re-editting the script, but after seeing the marvelous job Demi did with RD, decided he could do a better job with the script, and is editting it again. But who knows, really.l

And, FYI, Dodgy Aussie was working on Bloody Warriors. Probably hasn’t worked on the game for a while due to an immense lack of interest. After all, Bloody Warriors is just another DQ clone, like 90% of Famicom RPGs. Most people simply don’t care. If you really want to do something constructive, you can <a href=“” target="_blank">go to his site</a>, and email him and compliment him on the work he’s done thus far and tell him how much you’re looking forward to the finished product (of course, be polite and not pushy (ie don’t ask him when it’ll be done or anything), else it’d have a negative effect). That might re-interest him in it.

Surging Aura is a game that needs translating. I can only do so much. I did start to translate it a bit with the help of a japanese friend… she did the translating, I would do the hacking. But she recently left and I had to try to learn the language by myself. But Surging Aura is tough to do right now, so I’m trying Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes.

Someone needs to pick up Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun. I think the guy working on the project dropped it, or is simply biding his time before releasing a patch, which I’d understand because translating and inserting text is a bitch for that game, I hear.

In any case, I’d love to know what happened to the guy doing the translation.

Bakumatsu Korinden Oni Series, they are awesome games set in Japan after the three steam-boats arrive. Well, at least the first one is. Quite fun.

Never heard of any of em! BTW, what makes them so good that they should be translated?

Well, Turtle, most of the games mentioned in this thread are RPGs, and if you’re like me, you can’t get enough of them. Of the games mentioned here so far, Surging Aura is the one that I’d most like to see (unless I’m mistaken, it uses the same engine as Phantasy Star IV).

Also, I’d love to see Down the World: Mervil’s Ambition, Rejoice: Aretha Oukoku no Kanata, Glory of Heracles III/IV, Royal Stone and Arabian Nights done, among dozens of others.

I’d like to see Uncharted Waters 3-6 be translated…but since they’re PC only releases last time I checked…

PC only? I’ve heard of UW 4 and UW Gaiden for PSX.

I’d like Megaman Zero 2 in english.

1st post!!!

Well, Megaman Zero 2 is slated for a US release in October, so a fan-translation wouldn’t be necessary.

Originally posted by Ryuuhi
PC only? I’ve heard of UW 4 and UW Gaiden for PSX.

I dunno, I only saw them in PC format. Maybe they exist. Anyway, more UW games = good.

What makes Shin Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun worthy of being translated? Dude, it’s KUNIO!

Originally posted by Orakio
Surging Aura is a game that needs translating.

I whole hardily agree with you there!