If you want a good RPG get Skies of Arcadia. Another good game would be Resident Evil 3. p:unch::

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[b]<img src=“”> Well, #1 really isn’t an issue in SC2. It has full combo lists, the moves actually make sense, and most characters pull of a sorta similiar move with the same (basic) button mashings :stuck_out_tongue: (vertical+vertical+vertical is a vertical rush for 90% of the characters. Stupid example, but yeah :P)

And #2 is more of a design problem of the games themselves than a fault of the genre. And again, I didn’t notice very much of that in SC2. You really should just try it out for an hour or so, there are a few crappy characters in there, but the game is pretty balanced overall. [/b]

  1. Same with most arcade machines (They have the basic move lists) and any 3D fighting game on console. Still is annoying. Like I said, even in Tekken, that was similar, but you know, it got dumb. I’ve seen Soul Calibur, and I can see that it isn’t quite as good as Tekken in that respect. Which means, not enough basics :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. It’s still common enough in almost every 3D fighting game for me to call it a fault of the genre. :stuck_out_tongue:

And Cless, 60/40 is still bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

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And Cless, 60/40 is still bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem, you sir, have not played Third Strike or looked at the match-ups.

As far as Zangief taking Ryu, ANYONE can take Ryu in Alpha 3. Except Ryu on 1P side, but still. And Ryu has always been moderately good, but never top-tier.

GGXX is actually more balanced than one would think. Out of 20 characters, 2 are worthless. The rest I see played on a regular basis at tourneys.

I admit that ST is more balanced than a lot of fighters out there, but ST isn’t really readily available compared to most.

And SG, I’d advise you getting Hyper Street Fighter 2 : Collector’s Edition when it gets out…if you don’t have it already or if it’s not out already.