Gameboy Advance Games

I know there have been a bazillion threads on this, but I was curious about a more up-to-date list of good games.

See, my gameboy got stolen, so I got another one, an SP, and it’s a nifty little gadget, so I’m thinking I’ll get into the whole gameboy thing, so I need games for that.

I’ve already got:
Super Mario World
Metroid Fusion
Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga
Zelda: Link to the Past

I’m really interested in the Megaman Battle Network series, so if someone can talk to me about that.

I absolutly hate everything that is Final Fantasy Tactics, so don’t reccomend me that because it will only make me angry.


If you’re going to get MMBN, just get MMBN3 because they all play exactly the same, and the story’s not so great in any of them. Each of them just has new features and chips added, so you might as well get the most recent installment. 2 added style changes (special armor based on your fighting style) and 3 added a navi customizer.

Metroid Zero Mission is a cool remake of the original Metroid, but it gives it some abilities that weren’t in the original and adds about 15% more to the game in length.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow’s really cool. It’s the most similar of the 3 to SotN.

Fire Emblem’s a fun strategy game, too. But one of TD’s avatars was in it, so it loses some points.

Edit: Bokati pissed me off when I tried it. You have to be in direct sunlight for it to work, and nobody likes sitting outside in 90 degree weather while playing a game on a screen with glare.

Bokati: The sun is in your hand.

I’ve been having fun with it. It is cheap used too.

Golden Sun is not bad.

Get Blue Version. Blue has ninjas.

Seriously, Dai’s right though, all the games have a sucky plot and the exact same mechanics. It’s almost exactly like Pokemon, Start with crappy chips > Defeat enemies > Get better chips > Kill occassional <strike>Gym</strike> Robot Master > Get better chips > Kill more shit. Where it comes into it’s own is the amount of stuff there is to do once you’ve finished the main task. It’s still very much a collect-'em-all mindset for playing you’ll need once you’ve completed it though. Be warned.

EDIT, oh, other games, okay.

Wait for Megaman Zero 3 if you haven’t played it already. Only series of Megaman so far to have a decent plot. Standard side-scrolling shooter/slasher, but a lot of fun.


I don’t play many GBA games, so that’s all I can think of right now. :\

Get super puzzle fighters. Its about as addictive as crack.

If you like Metroid Fusion, you can’t go wrong with Metroid: Zero Mission. Just as good as Fusion was, if you ask me.

It always surprises me the casualness when people announce that their things have been stolen.

You should report the crime, if you haven’t done so.

I like the Megaman Zero games.

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is also an excellent game.

There aren’t really any particularly amazing GBA RPGs though. Mario & Luigi is ok, but it’s nothing to write home about, I’d say.

River City Ransom EX.

It’s good old genuine fun, fully customizable, and you get to beat up Piro and Largo (figuratively).

Plus, it’s linkable with another player, and, it’s simple and addicting when you go 2-player. You’ll most likely never see completely what the game has to offer due to the reputation meter (which you can’t see, which’s one of my main bugs about the game), but all in all, it’s good clean fun.

Plus, you can’t resist the “Biz-ARF!”

For handhelds, I don’t really stick to RPGs. In fact, I don’t really stick to RPGs anyway.

I’ll take reccomendations on all genres, really. I’m a big sidescroller kinda guy, Castlevania, Mario, Megaman…shit like that makes me giggle.

Castlevania:Aria of Sorrow. It’s the best since Symphony of the Night.
Also Metroid Zero Mission fucking ROCKS. Its all the goodness that is Super Metroid mixed up with the original Metroid and thrown on a GBA.
Uh the remake of SMB 3 is really good too.
Thats about all the really good sidescrollers I can think of right this second, I might remember some more later.

Then Sorc, you’ll like RCREX. It’s mostly a side-scroller (as you scroll from side-to-side).

Advance Wars!
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town!

As said before, Fire Emblem is really good. I’d also recommend a lot of the remakes of old SNES games. (Did they ever remake Contra III? If so, get that FAST.)

It’s old, but I agree with Nul, Advance Wars is still freaking awesome.

I know you said you wanted newer games Sorc, but I need to plug Tactics Ogre. It’s a really good TRPG, a lot better than FFTA in my opinion.

I know a cool game, but I’ll let you guess on it:

It begins with “The”

and ends with “Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures”

For starters, isn’t that a Gamecube game? Secondly, I already have LttP, so don’t I already have that anyway?

Oops, you’re right. I was thinking of regular Four Swords.