Game of The Year 2004

I vote Half-Life 2 or Metal Gear Solid 3 (although I hate to admit it, but San Andreas is going to beat MGS3 for sure)

Half-Life 2 actually meets the hype and even surpasses it, and Metal Gear Solid 3 is a very enjoyable game. San Andreas is quite good too, but I still prefer MGS3.

Katamari Damacy <.<

No other game like it, fresh, original and fun !!

Probably Half-Life 2.

I say Half-Life 2 for PC game of the year.
MGS3 for Console game of the year.

Considering that PC and Console games are still very different in play style and content its hard to pit them against one another.

However, when compairing FPS games, I’m going to bet that Halo2 MAY win out just cause of the retard hype. Many many many people will not know how much better Halflife 2 is than Halo2… Oh well. Either way, yes Half-Life 2 deserves game of the year. And… Well, I fucking loved MGS3 so I cant say it doesnt either!

I’m still a firm believer that the producers were high on just about every illegal drug in the market while they did that thing.

Katamary Damacy is an amazing game. Well worth $30 canadian dollars.

Half-Life 2 has had qutie a lot of hype.

Given the insane hype it has, it may go to Halo 2 (it IS a good game though), but if was up to me, HL2. San Andreas and Halo 2 would tie in second for me.

EDIT: Or Tales of Symphonia. Damn, almost forgot that.

Both HL2 and Halo2 have had lots of hype. Its just a person’s style, really. Me, I don’t really see whats so spectacular about Halo. Good, but not quite worthy of the praise it recieves. But I know people more intelligent than ‘OMGTWFBBQ IT LIK RULZ’ idiots, and still love it, so I can respect that its more preference.

I can see why a soundtrack fanatic like you would like it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And yea, KD fucking rocks. I’ve been playing Eternal Mode on that more than the missions in SanAndreas.

Half-Life 2 fo sho.

I’m tossed up between Tales of Symphonia and Half-Life 2, but I’m going to be different and go with ToS.

Halo 2’s hype was crazy, so was HL2’s… But theres no comparison, I mean Halo2 out-grossed any movie sale of all time in reservations alone… thats hype.

I wouldn’t call that hype. Hell, HL2 was in the news repeatedly. Also, the games are different expereinces.

Meh, screw HL2 and Halo2, the Game of the year should be Metroid Prime 2!

That…or …WoW gets shot by OFX

I would have shot you if you had said SWG, SB. =P

$45/$50 per game as opposed to $7, $8, or even $10 per movie ticket. You can’t compare the raw figures.

As for game of the year? Rumble Roses, of course. >.>

Tales of Symphonia. No contest.
Or Metroid Prime 2 >_>

Superman 64.

Aha, but that didn’t come out this year!