Game of The Year 2004

Pierson faaaaaails at life /gg

Weren’t you supposed to be away from the internet getting a job or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

This entry was posted FROM the job @ Dinner hours. I win

You should be thinking of how to work harder better faster and stronger, not posting on an internet forum.

Spanks Pierson >:O

HUSH x3 Free hours

I’ll had to second Metroid Prime 2, though I don’t really play many PC games.

Paper Mario 2 was my favorite this year. I really don’t like Halo 1 or 2 very much. I think they are good CONSOLE games, but compared to PC shooters like Half Life 2. Then again I think that the PC shooter market has been down in the dumps as of late.

Metroid: Prime 2, bitches! Sonic is CORRECTAH!

Maybe for worst game of the year. That game is shit. SHIT I SAY.

Well maybe I’m exaggerating, but it is pretty awful.