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So now that I’m going back to school, I’m gonna start posting some benchmarks to evaluate my progress of what I learn while at Digipen.

Here’s two pics to start off, rough sketches I did while flying back to Washington from [STRIKE]Shit stain of America[/STRIKE] Kentucky.

Cammy kick/dodge/lifting her leg thing…

A girl, with… um… a black shirt.

Hey, you draw really well!
They’re good! =)

Meh, not good enough.

Sez you. Wonderful perspective on the first, especially. But hey, we all tend to underestimate our own work. As long as it leads to self-improvement, it’s OK. Good luck!

I likes 'em.

Thank you, I was semi-pleased with the cammy pic. But the perportions seem to itch somthing in the back of my mind. I think it’s the hip/buttocks area that is bothering me, but I have no reference photos for a pose like this. -_-

I thought it was the buttocks area too, specifically, I thought her right ASS CHEEK was under-accentuated. I crudely extended the lines where her thigh meets her buttocks by a few millimeters and I think it looks a lot better:

<img src=“”>

Edit: Now that I look at it though, you’d also have to move the bottom line of the swimsuit-looking thing (who wears that in a fight anyway? lol :P) a bit lower, to make it look really right.

Nice work :cool: I too thought there was something wrong with Cammy’s butt and thigh area. On the girl with the black shirt she’s all thin and then whoa her boots are like the size of her head, but then thats just a style of course. Her lower arm seems slightly big or maybe its just the perspective.

Nice work, but I think that the shoes on the second girl are huge. But that’s me.

Cammy: Hades, you made her ass look too big. :stuck_out_tongue: Her butt and thigh look ok…I think what must be bugging you about it is that there is a lack of shading that determines the depth of the overall figure. Very nice foreshortening…impressive, considering you had no model for reference.

Black t-shirt girl: Considering the art style, I see nothing wrong here. :slight_smile:

So, are you gonna color these? :moogle:

Indeed, let’s keep in mind that these are anime-style drawings, and Anime is hardly realistic. In fact, your style reminds me of comic and video game artist Scott Campbell (“Danger Girl”). Any influence there?

If you’re going for semi-realism, the only parts you need to work on is breast anatomy and upper body/lower body proportions.

If you want me to. :slight_smile:

I remember that comic, but naw, I just look at and tried to pull out things from various artists that I really liked and thought I’d be able to do well. The facial structure of blackshirt girl is pretty common in alot of comics now a days though. So I’m gonna experiment with changing it up a bit.

I went to bumpershoot(art festival in seattle) today and I saw tons of very thin girls with very large breasts. Maybe in comparison to her body size, but I’m not really going for any particular style type. I’m just trying to put togather somthing that I think looks good and let others determine that I have a “style”. I’ve never considered anything I’ve drawn to be a certain style.

It’s not the size… it’s the way they hang as if they were water balloons :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I forgot that real breasts float and are always perky…

Hey, those are actually pretty good.

Huh? No, I’d understand it for Cammy, but that other girl surely would wear a bra under that shirt?

Why would she? Because the way she dresses? Maybe she took it off because it was hurting her breasts because they strained her too much. My girlfriend is very well endowed and often takes her bra off AS SOON as she gets home because its more compfortable. The character doesnt have to wear the bra, if she was, they’d be perky. But she’s not, so they hang naturally.

Well, okay, if you intended it that way.

Oh I did… very much so… drool

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