Gainax hits new low in Eva merchandising. Creepy otaku everywhere cheer.


Why’s pierson banned? I always thought he was a key player in RPGC

The Zeruel design would probably make a good plug-suit thingie for their next big-mecha project and I guess Kaworu growing boobs was the next logical step for his character after Girlfriend of Steel, but Sachiel is just wrong.

I was banned for being too goddamn awesome.

Those plug in suits look too anime like. One of the goofier things about anime

And wathcing Kaoru turn into a girl is great

God I hated Eva.

Sin you should play Super Robot Wars. Since Third Impact never happened (RahXephon basically defused the whole goddamn thing) no-one died, so Bandai managed to do in three or so games what Gainax couldn’t in 26 episodes and a movie and actually develop everyone into fairly compelling characters. Especially Shinji.

Remember in Gundam SEED when Kira almost breaks Sai’s arm? in SRW Alpha 3 guess who steps in and totally verbally bitchslaps Kira out? Yep.

Super Robot Wars rocks.

What console is it for?

Pretty much all of them. There’s a fully-translated rom of Super Robot Wars 3 for the SNES and some people are working on EX and Final F, but most of them are still in Japanese. The main plot isn’t hard to follow, it’s typical 80’s good-vs-evil, but you lose most of the subtleties (i.e. Shinji Ikari telling Kira Yamato to shut the fuck up).

Also the attack animations are badass. Think Fire Emblem but a thousand times more awesome and over-the-top and featuring mechs and chatacters fromevery single robot series made in the last twenty years. I own Alpha 3, the newest one on PS2, and it’s the best £40 I ever spent on a game.

I think I saw Alpha 3 the other day when I was at the game store, I’ll consider this.

No transformation necessary.

Rahexphon, Evangelion, and Gundam arent considered super robots. So I don’t know why they’re in the game

Yet, those anime in real robot anime look a lot cooler than super robot stuff like Getter Robo

I agree, Evangelion really sucks. It’s old now, but people seem to think it’s modern. Hell, Gundam Seed seems old now, the digital effects it uses like panning is really dated

I think transformation is necessary. I like that commercial when a guy turns into a halfassed girl and then into a girl.

All of that makes no sense.

If those aren’t super robots, I don’t nkow what are.

Eva doesn’t suck. You just have to not watch the second half of it.

The original Sachriel turned me on more, and I hate all of eva.

He’s right though, although G Gundam is considered to be a Super Robot show.

RahXephon is a Super Robot show. I don’t know how you can think otherwise.

Evangelion is right on the border. One on hand it’s sentient (yes yes I KNOW Yui etc but still), has a ton of supernormal abilities and is prone to going nuts, which are all Super characteristics, but on the other it’s construction and various technical things are Real.

Gundam is all Real with the exception of G Gundam which was explicitly made as a Super ‘fun’ series just with Gundam designs, and SEED Destiny which while having entirely Real designs has incredible dumb Super-like plot points (hey we made this huge robot in a month without any outside funding also THE POWER OF DESTINY VS FREEDOM WHUT).

It doesn’t matter anyway since the title Super Robot Wars itself just indicates a whole goddamn pisspot full of a robots in it, and not just one genre of them.

Boy don’t even try and argue robots with me ok? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I got this last week WOOO.

There’s a reason for this. Go back and watch the Eva fights. Or the Shin Getter Robo fights or (to give Reals a chance) Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid fights for that matter. Then go and watch the Gundam SEED/Destiny fights. They suck. The animation is deplorable and overused and stock footage is everywhere (Destiny used stock footage from SEED for God’s sake). Eva holds up so well because the production values were astounding. If you think Eva looks bad you’re just wrong.

I found destiny highly disapointing. Seed was good though, despite the occasional reframe. Eva would be good if they hadn’t tied everything together in such an anticlimatic fashion. Conceptually I thought it started off great and I thought that the animation was decent at the least. However, the lack of character development and resolution really killed it for me.

I think you guys should read the Eva manga. It’s close enough to the original as far as plot elements goes but the characters get more development, like Asuka lowering the bitch factor a bit, Rei having emotions now and then and Shinji growing a fucking backbone. Less manlove too, Shinji actually dislikes Kaworu.

I just hope Sadamoto makes an actual ending this time.

No, the plot of Eva starts at episode 13 like just about all the rest of the anime shows

Eva probably has good animation but its old now. By the way, I think a lot of giant robot anime have good fights, like V Gundam and Shin Getter vs Neo Getter and ADeus Legend OVA2. My brother and I think a lot of the angels are stupid looking

And after reading the Eva manga i realized how stupid Eva is.