I’m sorry, but I wanted to tell you this…I AM A GIRL!!! :scream: ::dekar!:: ::dekar!:: Whew…

People keep calling me a boy… :too bad:

Me too…

you gotta becareful about that. >.> they thought I was a boy at first…


I have a sister your age! Man, that’s trippy. Imagining my sister posting on these boards…huh. Sorry, I just had a weird moment. She’s on the other computer right now, playing Neopets.

Anyways uh, sorry about any confusion, at least things are cleared up.


I used to think wizardmaster was a girl. I thought that for a long time.

>> im sorry WM. ;;

And im sorry kiro, if i called you a guy :P, but im <i>pretty</i> sure i got your gender right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to think GSM was a guy. >.>;

Um it doesn’t really matter which gender you are around here, though if you are a girl you tend to get hugged…often. :\

I’m not sure whether i should take that as a compliment or an insult either. :thinking:

I just found it very anoyying to have people calling me a boy.

GSM, that’s not really saying anything since Hades and his entourage worship Sin and other totally manly individuals on a regular basis :stuck_out_tongue:

I know and its kinda creepy.

But it’s SIN.

You still have a lot to learn about these lands, son. Boy, when I was your age, our daddies would spank our male behinds til they were red as the sun on a hot, pollution-filled evening. But rest easy, lad, us men watch each other’s backs.


I must say I am touched by the loyalty and love shown towards this man.

I’m a girl too! the J in my name stands for Janice.

pokes Charlemagne’s chest BOO-BEE!KYAHAHAHA.

I’m still not sure what Eden’s gender is.

gropes Charl

Your gender is not the first to be mistaken by some. ^^
I had always thought Cait sith was a girl.

I have an entourage now?