Fuck yeah!

I may be going to Iraq next spring. One of the companies in my battalion has been slated to go, which means that my company will probably follow. Not only that, but I volunteered to go with them (hopefulyl I get apporved or selected or whatever). Just letting you all know. If I do go, I’ll be sure to bring a digital camera and take pictrues to shwo you guys when I get back.

You are going to Iraq and you are HAPPY about it? It’s a fucking death-trap for the USA troops!

Will they actually allow you to photograph possibly sensitive areas?

Be sure to photograph the weapons of mass destruction for us.

Pft, you…MARINE, you get there after me and Ath. Yeah cameras=funfun, but I cant afford a digital cam due to laptop buying and stuff.

And if they let people take pictures of sensitive stuff, then he has some really fucked up commanders and stuff.

Yeah pull a Geraldo…lol. Well gl and God Bless you if you indeed go.

Take some pictures of dead people.

I highly doubt they will let you take pictures of ‘sensitive’ materials. After the disaster of Vietnam, I strongly doubt you’ll get anything more then some smiling pictures of you and your fellow Americans- maybe a few happy smiling civilians if you pay them enough.


You’re happy you’re going to kill people?

Good luck and God Bless. Im happy to know that we have people here in RPGC going to fight for our country. Even thought Bush might kill us all, once were in a war we dont stop till we win or lose. :cool:

It’s all fun and games until you get shot in the face.

My friend Thomas Paxton is over in the sandbox right now. Good luck out there. I’ll try and send you guys some porn as soon as I can afford stamps.

I don’t think that’s his main goal in going, Shinobu. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck out there if you go. Don’t get killed or anything.

Well Nick, you are now the third person that has given me damn good reason to believe that what I did this summer was right (made very big bullets (20mm-30mm)). I hope that it doesn’t come down to the point where my work actually matters for you, but I’d like to believe that by helping make the people shooting at you die sooner, I’ve been helping to keep you alive.

You aren’t out of here yet, but if/when you go, take care, and be sure to come back without dying (on the inside or out). May God bless you, and may your days be only as exciting as you like.

I just don’t think of going to war as a happy thing. But good luck nonetheless.

My friend’s brother ships out october second.

Or firebombed…

Or ambushed…

Or kamikaze-ed…

Good luck.

Be sure to plunder some good swag

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