Fuck yeah!

Gimme a hundred dollar bill with Sadam’s face on it.

Don’t get shot.

I wish you luck, Infonick.

Don’t get injured, or worse. Enough people have died over there as it is.

I don’t like it. Don’t die, don’t get hurt, don’t get post-traumatic stress disorder, do grow as a person or at least learn something. I’d say don’t kill or injure anyone either, but I guess that’s part of what being a soldier is.

Godspeed Infonick. You will be in my thoughts.

Good luck, chupon and oltros wish you good luck too.
:chupon: :ulty:
(wish him good luck dammit)

Well good luck. Don’t get yourself killed. If any Iraqies (sp?) fuck with you blow the motherfuckers to hell!

Fuck guys, stop trying to scare him. >.<;

Holy shit dude. Good luck, dont die.

You better start playing BF1942:Desert Combat. :PPP

I’d be taking pictures mostly at base or on the move, such as going from one abse to another.

Shin, believe it or not, it is possible to go to war without killing anyone. Only a handful of the people in my company have confirmed kills.

As for the rest of you, thank you for your support. I’ll be fine, don’t sweat it.

Dev, I doubt that the game would help. For one, tactics are a lot different from WW2. Also, games don’t represent actual tactics very well. The situation is also quite different. Thanks anyway though. I have done some tests on desert operations though and have done plenty of classes for Iraq (could always use more though).

If you meet “Mike Clenny,” tell him shawn’s friend steve said hey.

If you are going to Iraq…then God Bless and good luck. It seems like hell out there, and coming back from Benning…they’ve certainly given me stories of what it’s like both good and bad. Just watch yourself, the road, and in fact watch everything. The bastards over there are clever make no mistake so we as soldiers have to be one step above them. Hoo-rah!

gl hf dd ka nr 20.

No, seriously. Good luck.