Fuck we're old

FF7 came out 14 years ago. That’s half my life.

And I’ve been coming here since 2003. 8 years. Holy shit, I was 15 back then. Fifteen.

I always thought there’d be like, a second puberty or something, like a chemical rearrangement that made me into a grownup and turned on my responsibility instincts, just like the first one turned on my penis. One of the most shocking discoveries of my life was when it dawned on me that “grownups” were actually the exact same flavor of shithead as teenagers, just wearing suits and ties. It was like “Wait, so you don’t automatically know how to live responsibly once you hit 20? All those guys are just phoning it just like me?”.

Someone post that XKCD comic…

Dude Ser, you’re younger than me? Never realized that~

I’m 24. Almost all the games I like have been around more than 2/3 of my life.

Still, you’re only as old as you feel~

Hey look what I found!


yes you may certainly build a shrine on this game, please send me an e-mail containing a link to where you’ll be building it.

Thanks again!

If I live to be 75 then a 3rd is over.


Merlin’s responsible for me being here too. I’d originally joined around 1998, but later gave up on RPGC during its long downtime–particularly after James Shaheen announced RPGShrines.com.

In the summer of 2002, I saw that the site was online again, so I submitted an essay on RPGs for the links page. Merlin responded with something to the effect of, “This is very interesting, and I tend to agree. I’ll certainly post your link. Also, you’re just about the oldest person I remember here, besides a few staff members. You should stop by the forums and say hi.” Nine years and hundreds of arguments later, here I am.

Hell we’ve pretty much outlived the series at this point. Out of all the Final Fantasy crap that’s come out of the last decade I would only consider Crystal Chronicles (if you had four people to play with), Tactics Advance 2, and 4 Heroes of Light to be good.

On the other hand, we’ve actually seen the release of Duke Nukem Forever a few months ago. I bet there are people, even on this site (though admittedly likely only to apply to the RP board goers), who aren’t even aware that there were other Duke Nukem games. Or, at least, weren’t around to see them released.

…Fuck we’re old!

I loved the Duke Nukem sidescrollers, and the Secret Agent Sam game they were modeled on. Apogee had the best shareware games.

Amen. (Cosmo and Keen too, although from different companies) And while were in the VGA graphics era, Quest for Glory for oldschool parser goodness.

It’s funny that rpgs were acknowledged in the mainstream (thus allowing the release of more niche-titles) by Diablo and FFVII, two games which IMO were not the best of the crop but were quite hyped (both are good fun of course).

Look at it this way–you have lived up to Level [insert your age here] without dying or using any extra lives.

Or even save points.

Cheat devices on the other hand…

Too bad that there’s a bug in the system where after a certain level all your stats start to decrease which is bad for the character for when they hit 0 Constitution they die and then its time to roll a new character. Of course they also die when they are killed.

There also is no new game + :(.

I’m twenty-nine as of today. Chee-zzzzz…

happy birthday!

Better than the alternative!

Thanks Sin :slight_smile:

984: Turning 92, you mean?


Comrade Mao Zedong said we’re only as old as the girls we sleep with…so by the metric I’m still basically the same age as when I joined this site.

Don’t remind me. Also, happy birthday Weiila.