Fuck we're old


Oh man, Raptor was this up-scrolling plane shooter game… dominated a lot of ages 8-11.

Autofire machine gun all the way. The pulse cannon was garbage.

Dang, I started here during my freshman year of college…which was about ten years ago. I’ve got the piano ready if Merl ever comes back :mwahaha:.


waves cane You kids get off my lawn! My internet lawn!

Also: http://www.xkcd.com/891/

I don’t count my age anymore. I realized at some point that you can’t kill that which is not alive, and since I got no life by sillogism I’m immortal.

BTW happy birthday, Weilla (some 3 days late, but still…)

Happy birthday, Weiila.

Thanks guys, you’re the best :wink:

Happy birthday! … oh, good, this isn’t actually belated. I need to keep coming back here more often … >_>

Happy Birthday Weiila! … and of course this is belated. Oh well, have some :caik:.

Happy super belated birthday.

Well if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, that makes a 25 year old male on Earth technically 13, and a 25 year old female on Earth technically 40, so don’t feel so bad?

Mercury: Age / 0.241
Venus: Age / 0.615
Mars: Age / 1.88


I’d say happy birthday to my favorite fanfic author, but I found this thread a little late…

“Inside every old person there’s a young person asking ‘what the hell happened?’”

Was 13 when I found this place, back during the EZboard days. 26 now. Soon it’ll be 27, (sigh).

Tell ya’ll what, when I find some backward time-screw thingy that let’s people go back in time and be kids again I’ll let you all know.

I’m sure I saw one back behind Dennies the day…

Aww. I feel so wuved :3