Who’s with me?

Pittsburgh? More like SHITTSBURGH.

Edit: Is this about hockey and the Red Wings taking a 2-0 lead in the series?

No, I just fucking hate that city.

Nah just kidding, it totally is.

Well, thank you very much everybody. What a thrill it is to be back in
Pittsburgh…what? oh sorry, I mean uh Phila-Philadelphia. Well, we
figured for the live album, it’d be cooler…Pittsburgh’d be a cooler city to be in.

Yes, so laugh

So, thanks Pittsburgh.
Keep it up, man. Ah…it’s great walking around in the Steel City.

I love the way the rivers merge in the town. It’s so nice. So many levels.

Aw - just kidding. We hate Pittsburgh. This is exactly what we hoped to created
which is an Intra-Pennsylvania rivalry - which probably already exists, I know.
but you know, we just wanna fan the flames as Canadians who really have nothing
to do with this. You know? Philadelphia should take…I mean, why haven’t you,
you know, marched on Pittsburgh. And taken it with. You know? I figure, you know…
I mean I’m not talking about nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, I’m not talking
about any of that. I’m talking an agrairian revolt. Pitchfolks, a spade. Go after
those Pittsburgh people. What’s your problem?"

What’s your pit type?

Pittsburgh is pretty bad, but personally, I hate Detroit more, for personal reasons.

Stupid Pittsburgh. :\

At least I don’t have to go through arena traffic on my way home from work.

Vicki, I totally picked Carolina to beat Pittsburgh last round. They must have stopped caring at some point, because I still think they have the better team.

I really don’t know what happened, but to be shut out was just sad. :\


Funniest thing I’ve read in weeks.

I hope it isn’t, because you’re pretty retarded if you think Pittsburgh has much beyond 2 good centers, Gonchar, and a goalie. Carolina was stacked compared to them and had to take down much better teams to get as far as they did. New Jersey and Boston > Philly and Washington. Maybe they burned out.

2 good centers? That’s an understatement. Malkin and Crosby are putting up playoff point totals that haven’t been seen in 15 years.

Canes don’t exactly have much beyond Staal and Whitney, and neither of them compare to Sid or Geno. Cam Ward was due to flop, being undefeated in the playoffs and such. I was so sure the Pens would sweep I went down to Raleigh for game 4, and watched them win the Prince of Wales in person for the second straight year.

I’d pick Washington over Boston and New Jersey; both teams lost steam down the stretch and Pittsburgh ran up the score on both of them in March. I wasn’t sure Pittsburgh would beat Washington. That was probably the best series I’ve ever watched, up to game 7. Or at least since the old Detroit / Colorado matchups in the late 90’s - those were brutal.

The Pens also have a very strong rivalry with Philly, and the Flyers improved considerably over last year. They always play the Pens tough, and it was a rough series.

Carolina was a joke, I still don’t know how they beat NJ and Boston, but it certainly made things easy.

Don’t forget Pittsburgh picked up Guerin and Kunitz at the deadline, and Jordan Staal is an outstanding shutdown Center (ask his brother - did Eric even play in that series?). Kris Letang came into his own after taking Ryan Whitney’s spot on the power play, and has had an impressive playoff run. Fedotenko always steps things up in the playoffs too.

The finals have been closer than last year so far, but Detroit is sorta missing their best offensive player - Datsyuk. They’re a better team than Pittsburgh, absolutely no question, but anything can happen. No reason the Pens can’t win tomorrow night, can’t wait for the game!

Getting a lot of points in the playoffs means playing a lot of 7 game series, which means losing a lot of game 1-6es. Pittsburgh struggled during the regular season and continued to struggle during the playoffs against weak teams like Philly. They’re not as big of a fluke as Chicago was before Detroit offed them, but they will be if their team flukes its way to the cup.

Also, uh… Jokinen. Pitkanen. Cole. Brind’Amour. Samsonov. Corvo. Carolina has a much bigger list of depth players than Pittsburgh, and some them already won the cup 2 years ago with pretty much the same team. Guerin and Kunitz are a weak argument against them. Jordan Staal is a name you hear the announcers shout a lot, but his plays rarely materialize into anything that helps the team, and saying he shut down his brother is a joke. It took the entire Pittsburgh team to shut Eric down and they still only did it because his playing last round was uncharacteristically half-assed, just like the rest of his team.

Pittsburgh wasn’t even in the playoffs until like game 65. Their success is seriously questionable and I expected Detroit to sweep them before last night because not many teams can just trip and stumble their way past the Wings without knowing what they’re doing. But I guess when your only two real offensive assets are Crosby and Malkin, you’re going to win a few dumb luck games eventually.

They’ve played a 7 game series, a 6 and a 4, and are 2 in against Detroit. That’s 19 games, which averages less than 5 games per series right now. Yet Malkin has scored more points than anyone in 13 years, and Sid is 3 points behind him. Check your math.

You somehow dismiss Guerin and Kunitz while propping Jokinen. Pitkanen. Cole. Brind’Amour. Samsonov. Corvo. But Guerin and Kunitz scored more points than all of them - and check out their PPG averages after lining up with Sid. Had they played the entire year on Sid’s line they’d have pushed 75 points easy.

How a team performs the first half of the season really doesn’t matter in the NHL, so long as you make the playoffs. Pittsburgh didn’t have Guerin, Kunitz, Whitney, and Gonchar for the first half, and they also had issues with Therrien who was trying to push some ridiculous defensive style. After he was canned they went 18-2-3 with Bylsma, utterly destroyed the Canes (22-8) in the ECF, and tonight they have a chance to turn the Stanley Cup Finals into a best of 3.

Can you point me to one news article that suggests the Penguins don’t deserve to be in the finals, or that they lucked out to get there? Can you link one non-redneck article that favored the Canes over the Pens?

No, you can’t, because your claims are pretty much just full of shit.

This debate is like Rocky 4 with a Canadian Drago.

If you’re using points as hard evidence that Pittsburgh’s players are better, you’re not prepared to have a serious conversation about any sport with anyone, especially since you’re trying to compare “depth players” with 2nd line minutes on forward lines to defensemen, grinders, and an over-40 captian who I mostly mentioned for putting Crosby’s cowardly leadership abilities to shame.

Can you point me to one news article that suggests the Penguins don’t deserve to be in the finals, or that they lucked out to get there? Can you link one non-redneck article that favored the Canes over the Pens?

No, you can’t, because your claims are pretty much just full of shit.
Nah, it’s because no professional hockey source ever writes articles like this about any team, ever. Keep throwing tantrums though, it’s funny. Just know that anyone who’s more than a passive observer will be stunned if Pittsburgh manages to win a 2nd game in this series, especially now that Datsyuk’s back. And keep in mind that even Columbus almost managed to beat Detroit once, and that Carolina and Anaheim both finished the regular season much hotter than the Pens.

Even if they do win the cup, it’ll still just be a fluke, just like The Ducks beating the Sharks, Carolina beating Boston, and Chicago beating Vancovuer were massive flukes. Many things in hockey are accidental and many shitty teams did a lot of seemingly impressive things in this post season. No one who knows anything will be fooled into thinking Pittsburgh’s good though, believe me. All you’ll see is a lot of Detroit fans who’ll feel like they were robbed of the cup, and rightly so.

So basically, when the team you like wins they were meant to win. If someone you don’t like wins, they were horrible and only won because of a fluke.

Besides, the Carolina Hurricanes got what they deserve for not staying the Hartford Whalers. <_<;

Uh, what? Do you seriously think I’m arbitrarily deciding who was meant to win? Give me a fucking break. I picked Carolina over Boston in my hockey pool because I considered it a worthy risk. I was almost sure Boston would win, but I’m glad they didn’t. I picked Anaheim too. There’s no way I actually wanted them to win though. I just knew SJ were chokers.

Flukes are flukes. This isn’t about semantics or subjectivity. In hockey, the team with the most skill doesn’t always win. It usually does (which is why I’m picking the overwhelming talent of Detroit to sweep the next two games against what was a bottomfeeder for most of the regular season and playoffs), but not always.

And yes, Hartford rules :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know… I like it when the underdog wins. Like when the Giants beat the undefeated Patriots the Super Bowl before last. I guess if you had bet on that, you would have been crying because it was a statistical anomaly, blah blah blah. Well, the playoffs isn’t about just having the best regular season record or statistics. It’s about performing well under pressure. Carolina won ZERO games against Pittsburgh and won four. Even assuming they were the better team, Carolina crumbled under pressure and got raped. With a spiked dildo.

God, I can’t believe I’m looking up stats because of this. ;.;