Fresh air

<img src=“”> Messes you up. God. 24 hours of exposure to sunlight, fresh air and a lack of electronics or music screwed up my mind. I seriously need to get out more.

If it messes you up, why go out? I’d recommend a protective gerbil ball if absolutely necessary.

ah, there’s nothing like fresh air. it’s good to have, especially when you have a set of lungs that can’t handle a lot of contaniments like smoke and stuff like that.

I have always said the outdoors are dangerous, and has the potential to seriously mess you up: Physically and mentally. You should be more careful, who knows, the next dosage might be lethal. It’s an entierly different world out there you know, who knows what you could possibly be exposed to. Stay where it’s safe I’ve always said.

Nothing makes me as exhausted as fresh air. And do I need to repeat how much I hate the sun? Alright… I hate the sun!

I like fresh air and exercise, but I can’t stand sunlight. My eyes are easily blinded, and I can never get a tan.

Fresh air? What is this thing called “fresh air”?

I love being outside when I can be. The sun doesn’t bother me as much as the humidity.

I ride my bike at least twice a day. I’m not entirely sure why, though.

I’d love to be outside now, especially by the swimming pool. However, I have a patchy sunburn from yesterday, even though I thought I had applied sunscreen to all the important places, and somehow I came down with either a cold or an allergy attack. I’m not feeling esepcially motivated to clean myself up enough to go outside. Hey, even opening my door so I could get my Sunday paper was tough.

I like fresh air- it’s a damn sight better than thick, smoggy contaminated air. Except when there’s pollen in it, when it kind of tends to fuck my sinuses up.

I hardly ever leave the house during the day unless I have to or are forced to. In which case I bitch and moan about it all day.

Frankly I’ve never seen anything wrong with it. I get enough exercise during the night, so it isn’t that damaging to my health.

I think you should go watch that movie, <u>Bubble Kid</u> or something.

every summer I always get burnt once while on my first golf trip (always on my arms though, never my legs, even if I’m wearing shorts), but after that it becomes a tan and it doesn’t bother me. I’m more of a guy who likes to be out in nature, doin’ stuff like swimming, fishing, diving, golfing, fun stuff like that.

I don’t usually object to leaving my house. Being outside is nice but I can’t go very long without sitting down.

I got a nice little sunburn the other day on the 4th right on my shoulders, the next day was spent at six flags riding roller coasters that have shoulder bashing restraints. Fun fun fun.

I love a breath of fresh air… but try spending it in this kind of heat… ^_^;;;

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I thought I had applied sunscreen to all the important places
Tell me about it


Being outside is cool and all, as long as you’re not actually… doing anything. Or looking up. Or… hell. Never mind. Stay inside whenever possible.

Because there are bears “outside.”

Right! And if you go outside at night, you might get eaten by a grue!