Free RO

You heard me right. Free RO.

Who already paid for RO anyway, and plans to play it? I might stay on iRO for a month or more.

Uh yeah, this should be against the forum rules to post, but isn’t strangely. (We can provide them but not request them)

That’s because it is an illegal server…

Well, Merlin been passing around an Warez version of Quake2…
And besides…
Its Free RO! ;_;

Edit : If it really goes against the forum’s rules and ethics, well I am deeply sorry. Just edit the link and close the thread =(
I just felt important, since many people didn’t liked RO to go P2P, to point it…

Yeah, that’s a good point, it’d be hypocritical to close this and not the illegal Quake one.


The EXP rate is 3x and the drop rate is 2x what’s on iRO.


Teleport NPC’s can teleport you to any town for 1000z, except the ones in Prontera. They do it for free, in addition, there’s a dungeon teleporter in Prontera which will teleport you to any major dungeon for free.

You also have the Nurse, which will replenish your HP and SP for 500z and the Character Administrator which will reset your skills and stats for 1000z.

That’s about it.

The char Administrator should be 5k at least, IMO =/

RO thats not under Gravity… wow ^^

i might have come back to RO to play this if i hadnt have uninstalled and such and deleted everything associated with RO, but no big loss, just a couple more free hours in my day
EDIT: bah beat to it

1000z? The person who does that on iRO costs 250,000z.

Maybe Zenny are worth a lot more in rRO
Edit : And for those who are still paying… you can play on both server with the same software, no worry.

I’m not going to do it, playing on illegal servers can get you banned from the game, and restarting is not appealing to me. Also Merl released the Q2 warez because Id has released the source code. Also they ask for your user name and password, who is to say your characters on loki and chaos will be secure?

After some thoughts, I think I’m gonna stay on iRO anyway.
Just a look on rRO’s forums tells a lot about it :fungah:
And I heard it was more laggy, even when all they have is 1000 users.
I got the money to pay iRO, I should be on in about a week.

Edit : Flint, they don’t ask for your account or Password, they make you create one. Its like a new server.

I’m Flint, that’s Frame.

Generic thud
Sorry, its late and I’m bit tired and confused right now

The servers also have under 1K (less in some cases, the new US one has 50 :open_mouth: )

So umm… if you like loney MMORPGs >.>

iRO for me, no matter how mean Gravity can be, you can always find worse. Just look at… is shot


for all intents and purposes Quake2 is a non-profit gathering game. I doubt stores even sell it anymore. What I’m doing is the equivalent of going over to your house and installing it. RO however is still trying to suck your money away.

Yes, heaven forbid people pay for a video game! gasp

if you want to pay 13 dollars American a month for a game that seems like it was coded on an old SNES by a group of racist 13-year-olds, I’m not going to stop you :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did this mysterious hatred for Ragnarok Online come from? :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Bleh, you knew it would go p2p when you signed up, stop whining about it.

I mentioned rRO a while ago, but that’s not going to make me play it still :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Curtis
Where did this mysterious hatred for Ragnarok Online come from? :stuck_out_tongue:
I just like buggin’ Flinty.