Free RO

Merlin, that was a beautiful description of RO. I love you man 8D

On top of it the illegal server’s “extras” sound “good” but in actually they’re shitty since they take the challenge and reward part of the MMORPG. Which is what mmorpgs are about. If you play that, you’re nothing more than a Diablo player on open bnet with a trainer.

Quake 2’s free? I’m gonna look into it >.>

read my thread on the subject, so far the plan has been practically an unmitigated success thus far.

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[b]The servers also have under 1K (less in some cases, the new US one has 50 :open_mouth: )

So umm… if you like loney MMORPGs >.>

iRO for me, no matter how mean Gravity can be, you can always find worse. Just look at… is shot

:kissy: [/b]

That’s very funny, when you think about it, I’m surprised no one’s quoted it yet.

I mean, think. It’s supposed to be massively multiplayer…but you’re all alone.

Also, I don’t think the lowered costs for teleportation and the raised drop rate are such a good idea; makes getting the good items too easy. Late in the game, veteran players will find themselves nowhere near level 99 and with nothing left to work for; no big items to quest about raising money for, no cool secret places to visit that take a day to walk to because of all the aggro mobbers, nothing. A good deal of them will quit.

Sure, it’s hard to make headway in iRO, especially in the beginning, but so what? If you’re really so bothered about the difficulty, you can go check out the enemy AI on singleplayer Quake 2. discreet nod to Kero

Either that or you can party up with someone else who’s so inclined and share the load a little.

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I just like buggin’ Flinty.

Don’t listen to them ;_;

Be nice to Flint! And Merl, I don’t think I can look at you the same way after you’ve wantonly insulted RO. You’re fired.


Kagon, you are my hero :slight_smile:

The reason RO is so addicting, IMO, cause its a mix of IRC and RPG, combined with smooth music :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, there is no story, and its far for being complete, but its just nice to play with people

Don’t give me any of your lip either X, or I’ll fire you too!

Originally posted by Merlin
I just like buggin’ Flinty.

Merl has an odd flirting technique, don’t he?

Dai’s got competition.

And so do you, Feelers boy ^_~

That made little to no sense.

Look in your sig, “Feelers boy ^_~”

No ;;
kicks Merl in the shins ;

I have a knack for bugging my friends the more I like them Kraken.

RO’s “addictive” because it has the same tried and true Diablo-smashing formula, it was free, it has some vague graphical similarities to anime, and it has the best elevator music yet penned.

actually, it’s more fun just to respond to everything with teary eyes


Yeah, you never went to the Coal Mines did you Merl? I wouldn’t call that elevator music =P

you aren’t an impartial judge though, since you’re still hopelessly dependent on <strike>the Matrix</strike> RO.

Don’t give me that crap Merl! I can live without it! I CAN I SWEAR! goes crawling back to RO

Being addicted to RO is like being addicted to sniffing crack. Sure, it’s addictive, but only if you’re stupid enough to try it in the first place, you dumb som of a bitch. |-P