Foreign games that should be in the U.S.

Any games not in the U.S. that you wish were here? Personally, I wish many of the psp remakes like Tales of Destiny 2 and Suikoden 1+2 where in the U.S. I would definitely get a psp if they were. At least I may one day find the aforementioned games in their original forms at some store.

Every goddamn Super Robot Wars game ever. The chances of that happening with any non-OG is down right null, but still :confused:

I’d like to see some visual novel type games released in the US. Like Kanon or Higurashi.

Quoted for truth

The Another Century’s Episode series would be great, too.

Also Persona 3 Fes and Persona 2 Innocent Sin. Not to mention all the other random SMT spinoffs we missed out on.

From what I’ve heard and read, the only really valuable upgrades in FES are the chance to [STRIKE]screw[/STRIKE] initiate S.Links with Aigis and Elizabeth* and extremely minor shit… the bulk of the main story only serves to make the ending even more depressing. Innocent Sin is even worse.

*however the HELL he would do that. I mean, Aigis kinda lacks the equipment for that after all >_>

I hear that FES makes adds a bit more resolution to the ending, as well as a bunch of new personas and some other such things. Plus an alternate game where you explore the backstory as Aigis. And seriously, what could possibly go wrong with more P3?

Just ask every P3 doujin ever.

Not in any good way. It just makes what was a bittersweet implied ending into a stone-set depressing one: He’s never waking up, there’s nothing anyone can do, end of story. No hope, no maybe someday, no nothing.

The one in which he “gets stuck” as she blacks out is priceless.

I’ll have to look for that one. Sounds hilarious.

It’s called E9.

The rest of the Growlanser series.

All of the unreleased Langrisser and Fire Emblem games, Dragon Quests V & VI (we may get another chance for these soon), the two Remaining Romancing SaGa games, and perhaps another BeatMania and Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan game.

Man, you don’t need the ouendan games translated. They’re perfectly playable in japanese, and the DS doesn’t have any region protection.

Yeah, but they’re still Foreign games that should be in the U.S.

Not really.

I’m hoping DQ4,5,6 DS will come to the States, with all the announcements about how they were re releasing them before DQ9. DQ4 'll be interesting because of the PS graphics. I wonder if they’ll revamp 5 and 6 as well. We shall see. There is also an xbox game called metal wolf chaos that looks AWESOME. Anyone have a link to the trailer?

SD3 could be interesting, there’s been a bit of buzz about that in the news but nothing definitive.


How can that game NOT be totally AWESOME?

…I don;t even have an XBox, and I want that game.

:cool:They should release the other Mother games(for those of you that don’t know, Earthbound is really called Mother2 in Japan, Earthbound didn’t sell well in the US so they didn’t sell the other Mother games here). There are some fan translated versions, but the translation stinks worse then Final Fantasy 7. No offence, but come on, this guy are sick!?:thud:

Trust me, there are far worse translations for games than FFVII.