For you web developers out there...

…by which I probably mean Xelo and Vorpy and nobody else… in case you’re interested, I’ve released a beta of my first SourceForge project:

It’s designed to allow people to create database-backed programs without doing any programming at all; all one needs to know is SQL and HTML and they’re good to go. If anyone’s interested, go take a look. :sunglasses:

Holy shit I love you Cid

Woah, I might give that a spin in a few weeks. Looks like just the thing I was looking for.

Dint really had time to check it out but I probably will some other time. Looks fairly decent thus far.

Seems pretty nice. PHP is not my thing, though, so I can’t test nor help >_<

The whole point is that you don’t need to know PHP. :sunglasses: It runs on PHP, but you don’t have to program it.

Looks interesting. I’ll give it a run.

My host doesn’t run PHP =( I’m considering trying it on my home computer, though. I already got MySQL installed here and I’ve always wanted a reason to use it.

You cold-hearted vicious calculating bastard, think of all the codemonkeys this’ll put to death!

Don’t mind all that, that was my codemonkey Mr. Codemonkey ( and a bit of boredom and too much Monty Python ). It looks pretty interesting. Good job.

Version 1.01b released.

That’s freaking awesome, Cid. Ironically, I was just spending the weekend trying to learn PHP for another website that I was commisioned to make… :smiley:

I’ve had issues running Apache in my machine because I already had IIS installed. I’m still trying to get it running, though, for it’s not the first time I’ve wanted to run PHP apps. Now, one of my colleagues has Apache on his home PC and and I gave him the link, he says he really liked it.

Great. :sunglasses: I’m trying to spread the word around, not sure where the best places are. I posted on the PHP and MySQL mailing lists, hopefully that’s some sort of start.

There would probably be a lot of tech heads on zophar I’d imagine.

There are still people on zophar?

This looks really cool. It reminds me of ColdFusion, but a lot cleaner, and runs off of PHP instead of a separate proprietary program.

I actually have a use for this kind of thing… I was going to create a simple back-end editor for this games database I’m working on. If I do end up using Sparse for my project, you’re welcome to link to it as a working example if you like. I feel like a hands-on demo (whether my project or a simpler mock-up) would benefit curious visitors greatly.

One suggestion: could you put installation instructions in the FAQ page? I realize it’s not a real installation per se, so it might also be nice to explicitly state that it doesn’t require installation of a new program. A lot of these server-side technologies do. Many people don’t run their own webservers but still want to use it, and it would be nice to let them know right away that they can.

Sure, no problem. :sunglasses: A new release should be out tomorrow (and I’ve found a way to make it even faster and less strict in its parsing, though it might take a while to implement). And let me know how it goes!

EDIT: New version released.

EDIT: Yet another version released. :sunglasses: I’m getting close to finishing pretty much all the features I want in there, so after that it’d just be bugs bugs bugs.

i’m interested in messin around with this but i have a dumb question first :stuck_out_tongue:

my site has 1 database on it that i use for a phpbb forum. can i still use sparse in other areas to mess with? i can only have 1 db :frowning:

Just create a dummy table. That’s what I did. :sunglasses:

so i’d just go to phpmyadmin & make a new table in that db with like… however many fields u need? i’m new at all that haha :stuck_out_tongue: