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Yep, that’d do it. :sunglasses: Then you can use your database name and your new table name in your templates.

is this possible?

to have a table with 4 fields, and 1 form to enter data that outputs on seperate table on the same page, with sort links? like…

sort sort sort sort

head1 head2 head3 head4
data1 data2 data3 data4
data1 data2 data3 data4
data1 data2 data3 data4
data1 data2 data3 data4

form1 form2 form3 form4 submit reset

Sure, it should be possible. Have the top form be a “display” template and the bottom one be an “add” template. The sort links can be done via Javascript, if you like (see this page for an example) or you can use regular links and do it like this:

<TR><TD><A HREF="?sort=field1">Head1</A></TD><TD><A HREF="?sort=field2">Head2</TD>[…]</TR>

<sqltemplate type=“display”
constraints=“order by $_REQUEST[‘sort’]”>
<TR><TD><sqlfield name=“field1”></TD><TD><sqlfield name=“field2”></TD>[…]</TR>

<sqltemplate type=“add” database=“myDB” tables=“myTable”>
<TR><TD><sqlfield name=“field1”></TD><TD><sqlfield name=“field2”></TD>[…]<TD><sqlaction type=“add”></TD></TR>

Replace the […] with the rest of the row. Let me know if that works.

well heres the code…haha…so u just upload examples.php sparse.php & sparseutils.php somewhere…? cuz i tried taht & got this error

XML parsing error: no element found at line 1 column 1

this is my examples.php hah

uhhh…can i like email u the code rofl…

omfg it put links on the forum thingy…

Sure, you can e-mail me at
The XML errors should go away in the next version, by the way, since I’m getting rid of XML parsing entirely.

Been a while since I mentioned this (since I dunno how many people still care) but a brand-new version of Sparse is out, which now creates forms with degradable Ajax functionality; meaning that every single form made with Sparse automatically uses Ajax if possible, and reverts to the regular functionality if not. Neat stuff!