For those who think we're ban-happy

<a href=“”>Check this, then click the board link and see the exercise in futility.</a>

It’s not even all that interesting to read past a while, some of the arguments were interesting but the admin’s ban-hammer behavior makes this a rather futile waste of time, IMO.

I read about 17 words of that and learned that that mod is a self righteous, sanctimonious, asshole on a fucking huge ass power trip.

You guys are usually only like 2 of those qualities at a time.

Edit: In retrospect, I’d like to cleanse that guy with fire, OF HELL AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHSIHDASKHDFKLASDOIhaoidu%&#w)(%&#w)(%&()*

Sin, I’m sorry but you’ll have to drop the title of Hitler, this guy has got you beat in every possible way. However:

Continuing the argument past this point was rather pointless. It was obvious that the admin would not have admitted his theory was wrong even if Buda, Zeus and Odin all showed up in front of him and slapped him in the face.

How ince of him to insult Atheists and Agnostics. How very nice and Christian of him.

nice SE…

Hey look at me (and by me I mean myself), I can write like this guy (and by this guy I mean the person in question (the person in question is the guy who wrote the essay zero posted (zero being a member on this forum and not the one in question))). Whenever I (and by “I” I mean myself) am about to make a point (or in this case a perfect “proof” for God), I add in a bunch of parenthesis (I could use brackets but that is incorrect according to my (mine) MLA handbook). I (me) also use a lot of gigantic (huge (big)) words (sometimes I group big words together to make sentences (sometimes I group sentences together to make paragraphs)). All and all I (me) am (is) probably (for sure) the smartest (most intelligent) person (me) I (me (anyone)) know(s), therefore (in conclusion) I am right (correct) and you are all banned (meaning you can’t post here anymore).

For some reason I suddenly can’t stop thinking about that monkey from the Powerpuff Girls.


lol he takes the entire bible as his axiom

I bet God thinks this guy is a total asshole.

Heh, biblocality. This is the forum that 4chan invaded, and then “troy” (the guy who wrote the piece and runs the site), called the FBI. Internet gold.

BWAHAHAHAHAH! Under what charges?

He probably called in a DOS attack or something.

Is account registration admin-activated?

Hey, one of you SA fgts, you should toly get the goons to grouprape this guy…srsly

anyway, the long story short is, you’re all banned.

bans himself

Lime’d for he could do it, bitches >:(


Uh. To quote Scott Adams in God’s Debris, given the HUGE number of belief systems in the world, what are the odds that yours is “the right one” or “the only real one”? And is it not written (in Stranger in a Strange Land) that it may well turn out, come Armageddeon, that the right one might well turn out to be that of some obscure African tribe that, knowing “explorers”, died out ages ago. Your only hope, really, is to go by the one you happen to feel like.

Dude, that guy probably sucks ass at PvP.