For those that want to move to Canada

Coming from Wisconsin, that is a welcome change. Yes, I am exaggerating.

>.>; I have heard some really terrable things from my relitives living in Ontario about Scarborough. Like, it went to hell in a hand basket.


Well, compared to other parts of Toronto, Scarborough has a tougher reputation.

I guess Dalton of Zeal could better answer this.

The legal drinking age in Quebec is 18, and we have the most awesome beers in north america… American beer is for sissies 5-6% alcohol is a “normal beer” in canada… a “strong beer” is 6.5-12% alcohol… :moogle:

Quebec is an awesome place to live, but you have to choose a specific region depending on your opinion about the independance of quebec… but the idea of nationalism in quebec is for has-beens anyways


About what Eden said about Alberta, northern Alberta is more Liberal than southern Alberta. Edmonton has the only Liberal Members of Parliament in Alberta. Southern Alberta is the Canadian equivalent of Texas.

And it is freakin’ cold up here. We got our first snowfall a few weeks ago, although it’s the majority of it is supposed to melt.

I know, I used to live alittle northwest of Calgary. I know it’s part of the south, but damn, it got cold there when I was living there. Nothing like my beautiful BC. snuggles his trees


By your logic, shouldn’t everybody just drink nothing but Everclear, lest they be considered “sissies”?

Better taking some time to find work, school and a house and having a few difficulties at first than living your life on as it is and realizing in ten years that your kids seem to have grown three more arms and two more legs :stuck_out_tongue:
In all seriousness though, I can understand the reasons of people who’d want to migrate. If I had wife and kids and the situation deteriorated, I’d sure as hell take it into consideration; even if it takes a year or longer and your future is hidden in the mist. Hey, take your ancestors for example. Whatever happened to the “let’s start a better life in the new world” thing? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (okay so Canada isn’t that new but y’know <.<)

What the? When did Canada annex California?

EDIT: Nevermind.

Are there any statistics for events like mass migrations for Canada? it’d be interesting to see how many people carried through with their promises to do this. :slight_smile:

Almost all of these are flat out lies. Canada’s healthcare is fucking awesome, Ontario in the summer has bursts of weather hotter than California (southern ontario anyway), high taxes are a GOOD thing (I can get free what you’d have to sell your house for), and I kick your ass.

You’ve never been to Canada have you? -_-;;

What? Canada’s healthcare kicks your american healthcare ass. We don’t get billed for going to the doctor or the dentist, biatch. We get our teeth cleaned AND our tummy upsets looked after whenever we want. So there.

It is not always cold in Canada, guh. I imagine it’s the same frigging climate for the…gasp northern states! That’s right! Things don’t magically shift into freezing temperatures once you cross the 49th parallel!

Has-beens that manage to get 54 deputies in the FEDERAL parliament. Yeah, REAL has-beens :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, if you’re coming in to live, I suggest living in what I have called “English Reserve Camps”. Basically, anywhere but the rural regions and the city of Quebec.

Re: Canadian healthcare

“current data (again from the OECD) shows that Canada has one of the lowest ranks in terms of number of doctors per capita, 23rd out of 29, better only than countries like Mexico, Turkey, and Korea…

I am sorry. You are absolutely right

So? Just because we don’t have a lot of doctors then our healthcare sucks? Uh we have free health care smart ass meaning that we are well taken care of. Canada is known for it’s great healthcare, and even though we aren’t perfect and a lot of shit happens within the system, it’s still a lot greater than most in the world today. How about you look at the whole picture instead of one little fact.

The American and Canadian systems are massively flawed in different ways.

Not only that- but Canada is a big hunting country: it owns a lot of guns, Seifer. I don’t know where the Hell you get your information, but it’s safe to say that it isn’t Canada. :stuck_out_tongue: