For those that want to move to Canada

This article has some information on that.

Whats life like in canada? Is it really the america-but-better-and-more-snow-:smiley: happy land i envision it being? What are the downsides?

I’ve heard Canada’s bigger cities are a lot more modern.

Hm…I dont really think I’d like to live in Canada. I love snow, but I think it’d probably get old after not very long. Besides, I like the wild weather-swings of VA just fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

We just got a pool table. You definately have to move in with us! :smiley:

And the only reason why Canada is more snowy than the US is because nobody wants to live on the coasts here; everyone lives in the middle.

England has more rain, less snow, but better comedy and less rapes.

Choose your doom!*

*Props if you know where I got that

England is tiny so it’s the same no matter where you go. Canada is big, and our Comedy is just as good if not better then our British counter parts. The only differents? We didn’t have the same publicity as the Brits. Anyone who’s watched 22 Minutes, Monday Night Report, or Air Farce knows this is so. I have no idea where you got that less rapist idea.

Now, back to the weather, if you want snow move anywhere west of Vancouver. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously. If you’re moving from America, you’d probably be most comfortable in Alberta- our most conservitive province. The biggest con to living in Canada is we’re right beside America.

On a side note, I don’t expect many people will be moving up here. People are just too apathetic. They may not like Bush, but they aren’t going to go out of their way to escape it. By the time they actually can come live in Canada as a full citizen, Bush would be out of office. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bull. Shit.


Have you even fucking seen Canadian comedy? I THINK NOT. It’s better. I love Monty Python, and Canadian comedy is better then that.


Now I KNOW you’re lying. You liar. Stop lying. Liars go to Hell! The Hell you will be going to! Because you’re a liar!

There’s no point in running to Canada. Bush isn’t going to blow up the world. Besides, you’ll have to start from scratch, gain citizenship, get a job, find a place to live, pay higher taxes, and brave winter storms that can shrivel a Scotman’s penis. Compared to that, Bush is just fine.

I’m not lieing. This Hour Has 22 Minutes has a segment called “Talking to Americans.”

Now now, our winters aren’t that cold. We have 2nd world heating too. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, moving up here you also get easily accessible narcotics! And freedom of speach, something you Ammies haven’t had for years.


#1 Healthcare. Rent a video of “Les invasions barbares”, a winner of the Best Foreign Language Film award at the Oscars(20003)
#2 Cold
#3 Taxes
#4 Hades and the rest of RPGC members from Toronto

Upside ?
#1 Lots of space
#2 No guns (almost)
#3 French in Quebec (mind you, for some its downside)
#4 Montreal women are the hottest in North America
#5 Canadians think that Americans are prudes (make your own conclusion)

Aside from #1, every one of those is either a downside or a flat-out lie. I love Canada, but surely not for those reasons. Then again, if I was going to move to Canada, the last place I’d move would be Quebec, and not just because I don’t speak French.

By the way, d Galloway has the only intelligent comment in this thread thus far.

Heh, once again i agree with Hiryuu and D Galloway, you guys say what im thinking a lot better then i could ever do.

““It’s one thing to say ‘I’m leaving for Canada’ and quite another to actually find a job here and wonder about where you’re going to live and where the children are going to go to school,” said one government official.”

Canada does have a 19 year old drinking age…

the legal drinking age is a suggestion.

Different provinces have different legal drinking ages. It’s 18 in Alberta.

I invite any American to come live in Scarborough in my neighbourhood. It’s a nice community, and we just put up a bunch of new housing and started a bunch of waterfront development. And we have FOUR SEASONS… not a lot of snow at all.