Flesh... burning... peeling... waaaaahhhh

So California is EVIL, i got sun burnt BAD and now the flesh on my neck and face is peeling off… I LOOK UNDEAD!


California isn’t evil, the sun is evil!
All light is evil!

I’m with Nulani on this, but not entirely. I do like the occasional candle, as long as its at least 50 feet away. I will agree with these points though

light = bad
strong light = EVIL
Bright light! = Gizmo quote
Lite-Brite = cheesy (but fun) toy from childhood

Haha. You suck.

I miss my Lite-Brite. :too bad:

Hey Izlude, can we have a look and see just how undead you look? I’ve always wanted to see the walking undead, in real life.

Silly Northerners and your feeble sun.

Not our fault you spend 6 1/2 days out of the week indoors.

I just spent this morning with aloe and a brush… its mostly scrubed off now. Just pink skin blotches where it used to be now… Still kinda gross, eh?

Actually, I spend most of my time outdoors… in SEATTLE. Where the nice rain clouds and grey sky protect me. So stfu n00b

The sun is evil and I’ve had the skin cancers to prove it. Fresh air is almost as bad.

Wear a 2-inch layer of SPF 50. Sure, you’ll look like a walking blob of sunscreen, but at least your flesh won’t fall off in chunks. :smiley:

The Marshmallow Man! Only with sunscreen instead of fluffy sugeryness! :smiley:

NOOO Mlady Trillian… Don’t look at me… hides his face I cannot bare you to see me like this… as a… monster… puts on his black trenchcoat and hat and runs into the shadows

Farwell mlady! May you never have to see me like this again!

play phantom of the opera music

This reminds me of a really bad sunburn I got a couple years ago. It was on my neck and shoulders, and basically, there were giant blisters filled with greenish/yellow pus. I wouldn’t have minded this so bad, but… Megan’s older sister Carrie had to come up and grab my shoulders (like she was giving a massage… of pain) and basically popped all the blisters open. That night my shirt was almost soaked by pus. Yummay :smiley:


Anyone come by and slap you on your sunburn yet?

OMFG that makes me not want to eat anything ever again… >_>

And yes Kairi, my gf tried to give me a big excited hug and I almost fell over in agony.

I almost never get sunburns, hah! :mwahaha:

I dont either, I just happened to go to an evil vile place where the storm clouds dont protect my pale flesh.

Hard to get a sunburn if you never go out.