Flesh... burning... peeling... waaaaahhhh

Been there, ‘cept I looked more like a raw hamburger that was peeling apart, and I went to and from Mexico (which rocks, so go now and ogle the bikinis), so that was cool n’ stuff.


Deleted cause offending people for REAL isnt what I want to do.

Edit: deleted because it was a bad joke

Well sir, I truly dont mean to offend YOU, just the tourist traps and dirty areas that I saw when I was there. Entrust PLEASE, that i very much do not want to be “racist” in any way shape or form and understand that I would dislike ANYWHERE that fell into the above descriptions. I mean, I think Newyork is nasty too, the manholes have green smoke that flows out of them and smells like dead goats (I dont know what dead goats really smell like… >>). But I degress… This could very well turn into somthing bad so I may be better off deleting that last post of mine… >>

Poor you, and night should be day so the evil sun can’t get us…

pokes izludes sunburn

heehee poke. :moogle:

Worst sunburn I ever got was over in Italy when I fell asleep during siesta time. I woke up to find my back had turned into a lobster. Fortunately, by putting aftersun on every hour for about a day and not going outside for that time, I managed to turn it into tan. Hurt though…

Izlude… I changed my location to name the place that you talked about, please don’t take real offense, I was just being obnoxious, I am really from Illinois