I watched the first episode.

All I can say is: What the fuck?

Some kid got hit with a guitar on their head, next thing you know huge robots pop out of his head, and then those robots work in a store???

It was kinda funny.

“Those eyebrows”
I only saw three episodes, but heck it was cool. No actual plot but the animation rocks. Have fun seeing the rest.

My personal analysis of FLCL, if the show can even be studied at all, is that it is one humongous satire to every kind of story element found in a lot of anime. The great thing is, regardless of all the witty humor (subtle or obvious otherwise) and overall random zany, it still is able to pull of unique character development. Also explosions. And tons of it. And a funn-ay, entertaining story.

There is a plot to the story, sorta; surprising as it may be, considering with all the seemingly incoherent stuff that occurs. Everything comes to a beautiful close at the end of the series, and things in the story will start to make sense, though the level of clarity is left open for questioning.


I love FLCL, as if you can’t tell from my IRC name (Mamimi_Samejima for the non-chatters) or my semi-frequent mentions of it.

slaps forehead I don’t know why your post reminded me of this, Flint, but I totally forgot to mention that the music in this anime totally, fugging ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!


Yep, The Pillows, who is the band that does the rock music for this anime, makes some pretty excellent tunes. This is also why FLCL is the best. Ever.

Yeah, the music impressed me.

A lot of those who have analysed Furi Kuri will say that the core is about teenage romance. I’m liable to agree with them. If you remove the robots, the cats, and all the elements that Tsurumaki Kazuya added because he wanted to, that is, in the large, what you’re left with.

Furi Kuri rules. As anyone who have realised who it is I always use in my avatar is, should know I would say.

It’s Ninamori Eri. Me and the Japanese voice actress sound alike, and the character is cool.

I have been looking for this series on <strike>Kazaa</strike>Amazon for ages, and see no sign of it. Curses. It sounds pretty good from what people are saying.

I got it from Epicgamer on mIRC.


The fansubs are medicore, at least in image quality.

I’ve seen a clip of it, and from what I’ve seen it was just hentai. Some girl being raped by “Mr. Frostbite.”

Furi Kuri’s not a Hentai

I meant FLCL. Though I’m not sure, the filename said FLCL.

Fooly Cooly(FLCL) and Furi Kuri are one in the same. FLCL is just the english translation.

Ahhh, must not be it then.

umm…Then what did you watch? o_O

That is why you don’t trust filenames. You always end up with something you don’t want.

It could have been anything, someone pulling a leg, a spoof of the actual series. Anything but Furi Kuri.

It is definitely not a hentai, but it is one of my least favorite animes ever. I won’t say worst since it is good enough to make some people enjoy it.


I found the series to be crazy as excel saga, but less annoying. And the dad dressing as Lupin is awesome

That was one of my favorite scenes, when I saw him in that outfit I was all like: Holy Fuck! That’s Lupin’s suit! This is some crazy whacked out shit here! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: That entire episode was awesome, I call it the parody episode. Well, more parodies then the other episodes :stuck_out_tongue: