Fix FF7

If Sony/Square does decide to remake FF7, would you want them to keep the original game as intact as possible? That basically means only improved graphics, and maybe some additional content, but nothing that has an impact on the original game, storyline, or mechanics. All materia mechanics are the same, dialogue is the same, all typos are the same (including “This guy are sick!” and “Off course!”), bugs are the same (referring to the W-Item trick). Experience, weapons, monsters, summons, items, music, dating mechanics, places, minigames and so on, are all the same as it was in FF7 PSX. Everything is relatively unchanged, the only additions are graphics, and maybe a smidge or two of new content (like the FF advance games for GBA).
A completely new, remade, revamped FF7. Still the same story, characters and everything, but with new weapons, new summons, typos fixed, bugs fixed, enhanced enemy AI, revamped materia mechanics, different minigames, new minigames, be able to date Red XIII at the Gold Saucer, clear up parts of the story, add Kadaj as a secret boss, full RTS at Fort Condor, a third secret party character, more fleshed out story, more scenes that explain what’s going on (like is Cloud a clone? Is Sephiroth in control or JENOVA? Establish the fact that the real, tangible Sephiroth is in Northern Crater. This runs the risk of lots of retcons, like Last Order did).
Maybe I’m going overboard here, but what I’m essentially asking here is do you want the FF7 remake improved, or true to the first game?

Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make this game into something that might come close to earning a fraction of the hype attached to it and would be complete idiots not to do so.

Now I’m not naïve, chances are very large that if this is real, they will only revamp the graphics and add a few new functions, but I can dream. And in my fanboy gamer wet dreams, I see the original game’s events altered by implementing some of this:
[li]A touch-up to Cloud’s character. They should add some significant amount of dialogue to help flesh him out a little bit. To be frank, as much crap as Squall gets, at the very least I never came close to forgetting that he wasn’t a Silent Protagonist. Sadly, if Kingdom Hearts is any indication, Cloud’s annoying pretend-to-be-cool quietness is staying.[/li][li]Give Sephiroth more screentime. SIGNIFICANT screentime mind you, not the billion scenes in which he appeared, said nothing and fled. I want to SEE him SAY and DO stuff, not HEAR about how AWESOME he was while he was doing something I NEVER SAW.[/li][li]Give the rest of the bad guys more screentime too. Recently I got my hands on Dirge of Cerberus and Reeve mentioned Scarlet and… those others. I could only even remotely remember who they were, even though they were supposedly significant members of Shinra. Speaking of which, how about giving the real Reeve some action as well?[/li][li]Change the events in the flashback to what is seen in The Last Order. See, it makes the difference between knowing Zack as “that guy who go stabbed and shot” and “Cloud’s slightly blockheaded friend who kicked much ass and gave up his life for him”.[/li][li]Revamp the events between Rufus and Cloud so it would make more sense why they kept kicking each other instead of focusing on taking down the common enemy. It’s ridiculous.[/li][li]Have Sephiroth send something to stop you while he sits in Northern Crater. The Weapons aren’t under his control, in fact I don’t even know why they didn’t attack him, so it makes no sense for him to be so relaxed while the entire planet is plotting to take down his ass.[/li][li]Nerf KotR. Seriously, it’s not THAT hard to get that it compensates for the power.[/li][li]Remake the Weapons so that the battles actually require skill instead of being only possible to kill by KotR+W-Summon Ad Nauseam.[/li][li]Fix all the typos and bugs n’ shit.[/li][li]Purge the Golden Saucer and add some better minigames.[/li][li]Extending the game a past the ending into AC would be too much, but at least go just a bit past Meteorfall to see what the cast is doing after all that. Like watching Cloud and Tifa start their Orphanage/FedEx company and stuff. Basically, make it suck less.[/li][/ul]

Of course, I’m just dreaming here.

I actually thought the ending was excellent, especially before any sequels came out. Yes, it left us thirsting for more, but we eventually got it, didn’t we? I’d rather the ending remained pristine. But as for the rest - yes, definitely fix what’s broken. Some things were just stupid and tacked-on, e.g. the “breathing” mini-game, the “parade” mini-game, etc. The translation needs a major overhaul, too.
Basically, I want them to change it for the better and not for the worse. It’s actually not as hard as it sounds. 8p

I’d like for actual problems (like bad bugs and translation errors) to be corrected if there were a remake, but I wouldn’t want the basic mechanics changed. I guess that puts me in the “be true” group…

The only addition/correction that I’d like to see is a fast forward button for cut scenes/fmvs. Hell, then I’d really enjoy the game.

I doubt they’ll remake the actual original game, at least not yet. Still, changes I’d like to see:

-Better graphics. This is a given, but I want to point out that the “boxy” 3d graphics the characters had in the original game made them look SO fake, I had a hard time letting the story impact me. But that probably was a good thing, thought; I’m more used to this stuff by now, but back then Aeris’ death would have affected me more. (Imagines Aeris’ death done with FFX-quality graphics GASP!)

-Elimination of redundant scenes and sequences (I would NOT miss the part where Cloud has to crossdress, for example.) :thud: Replace with more time given to explain the characters & events, especially who was the fake Sephiroth we chased thru most of the game (I still think it was Jenova’s body controlled by Sephiroth; and yes, I think Jenova manipulated Sephiroth to some degree; certainly during her decapitation, which made no sense if Seph thought she was a Cetra.)

-Making the minigames/challenges somewhat easier.

-While I don’t want any particular changes to the game system, I wouldn’t mind some as long as they don’t get in the way too much. It would be cool if you could just choose who to date in Gold Saucer, for example (but NOT Red XIII, Cid!!)

My vote for FF game besides FF7 that deserves to be remade the most: FFVI! :victoly:

Seph never thought she was a Cetra, as far as I know. And the bodies were the people injected with Jenova’s cells. Sephiroth was controlling them from the Northern Crater.

Hmm. On reflection, I think that I agree with Seraphim most. Wil has some greate points, too.

Sorry, I don’t have anything else to add other than “yeah, I agree!”

If they remade FF7, I would prefer them to ONLY fix bugs, translation errors and that sort of thing. If they “flesh out clouds character” and try to rearrange things so they make more sense we get FF7: The Special Edition, and then it might as well be Star Wars.

Make Aeris die in disc 2

I don’t know how accustomed you are to Japanese products, but Special Editions not too rarely turn out to be better than their originals. Ask anyone who’s seen Mobile Suit Gundam and the remake movies.

Ok, I’ll elaborate. If you change something from how it once was, it is no longer what it used to be. So - it wouldn’t Final Fantasy VII, it would be Final Fantasy VII: The Directors Cut, or in the case of Star Wars, the Special Edition. Get me? If they remake it I would rather them update the graphics and fix the grammatical errors and add some new mini games and make it a little more difficult where it should be (like in the fights against Diamond Weapon).

(edited because I called him a dumb ass when in retrospect I don’t think he understood)

Yes, I get your point. What I mean is that leaving the plot as it is when you have the chance to change some things is only advisable when the original material already had such a remarkable level of quality that a director would never look back and think “Hmm, I think I should have done this instead of that”. That’s why I said Director’s Cuts are normally a good thing, it gives the chance of a more experienced director to go back and attune an older piece to match their present level of skill. Not to say the result is always favourable, if George Lucas is any indication >_>

To be clear, I believe FFVII is far from being anywhere near the level of perfection where nothing could be improved, and if given the chance to fix those faults, one should do so even if the resulting product isn’t 100% the same as the original. You’re free to disagree of course.

I’d just want a better translation. And they got those all over the internet. They broke FFVII the minute they announced the 325464138476863 sequels.

Make it harder. and make real differences between the characters.

So many opinions, so many people to agree with and to disagree with… Let me add another opinion.

*Fist off, improve the graphics and translation. I didn’t have a problem with them in the original, but I would love to see the game with current graphics.
*Add more games at the Gold Saucer. Much more (like a racer, or card games).
*Make the Weapons a little easier.
*It would be neat to make the pianos in Nibelheim into a “music box” thing where you get to listen to the games music.

That’s all I got, really. I don’t want big changes to the game like added dialogue, scenes,etc, though I could live with more weapons and materia.

Seph definitely thought that Jenova was a Cetra, at least at first, Cid; when he read the reports in the Shinra Mansion he somehow misinterpreted them and concluded that humans killed off the Cetra and experimented on his mother; That’s why he had such hatred for humanity. Later he claimed that part of the Cetra had betrayed the other part for abandoning the quest for the “promised land” and hated them as well. That may have been Jenova messing with his mind as well. By the end, he was into the whole “God Complex” thing, who knows what he was thinking then.

And after having played FF7 a second time (about a year and a half ago) I STILL saw no evidence that any of the “Sephiroth Clones” looked like him (though they did dress and act like him) or had the ability to change into his form. In fact, I read somewhere that the Sony people had explained that the word “clone” was a mistranslation and that what was originally meant by it was the people who had undergone the same experiment as the (unborn) Sephiroth had. Darn, I can’t find the link now, but I’ll post it as soon as I do.

No, the clones didn’t look like him, but he manipulated their appearance so that they did.

Hmm… looking at the script, you’re right: the Shinra reports did claim that Jenova was an Ancient (Seph didn’t “misinterpret” them, they were just plain wrong). I can’t find any reference to him being angry at the Cetra/Ancients though.

I’d like to get my magic defense from my armor too, y’know.

And what’s with “Attack while it’s tail is up!”

I subscribe to Sorceror’s doubts. I also think that people who got into RPGs with FFVII and PSX (cause that’s its main claim to fame) may be quicker to notice the new faults they ain’t familiar with and get all worked up.