First Snow of the Season

Just got a dusting here in Buffalo. It’ll probably melt away with it being in the 50’s later next week. I’m hoping for another green Christmas.

Cool, let’s chill sometime in Athens<!–That’s a nifty tag here–>. It seems easy to travel around Europe if you’re in the South.

Maybe Canada will actually have a white Christmas this year. Last couple years there wasn’t a flake to be seen until a couple days before January.

We got our first snow about three weeks ago. Seriously. I had to change my tires just because there was the risk that the roads might’ve been iced the next morning. :confused: (Result: Had about a week of snow, two weeks clear and then BANG: heavy snow!)

Damn, the weathermen changed it on me! We got our first “coating” and there’s no releif in sight. Damn it! The only thing good about winter is the good sleeping weather.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been snowing for the past two days over here

Snow hasn’t stuck on the ground in my area since 2001.

…Alabama, for the record… groan

Same here, but I mean, hopefully it will stay for Christmas this year. The last 2-3 years it’s been light snow on and off with nothing much staying on the ground… resulting in a greeny-brown christmas rather than White. Snow on the ground makes the day much more special =D

The snow around here is almost all melted now. Ah well …

I’m just glad that one of the holidays this year went white, and also wasn’t either Halloween or Easter.

Here’s hoping for a white Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, Birthday, Valentines Day, and Ides of March.

Well… time for me to leave on my Sojourn to work supporting America’s lowest bidders that chose my company but refuse to pay for things obviously not under warranty. But first I have to chip/pry my car doors open because the freezing rain last night turned my car into a giant ice cube and the snow on top of it exists simply to find its way down my shirt… meh…

:hint: Nobody cares about my rants :wink:

This is exciting! This is the first time I’ve not lived in San Diego with winter approaching. The slight chance of snow over the weekend in Seattle is extremely exciting! Woo Snow!

We did, but it all melted a day or two later.

I came in here to say “Screw you guys and your fancy ‘snow,’” but it would seem I’ve been beaten to it. Oh well, I’m saying it anyway.

Right now it’s not so much snow as it’s freezing rain.

Apparently a report made on the local news by an intrepid news reporter outside is alerting us that now our utility poles are beginning to lean over due to the weight of the ice on the power lines. At first it was just the signs, but now the poles are starting to give.

We’re hoping that it doesn’t get so bad that the reporter will tell us that our cars will start to lean too.

It apparently snowed last night. glances out window Coulda fooled me …

OH MY GOSH IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE! The snow flakes are enormous. I just spent the last hour outside snowball fighting and running around. THIS IS SO COOL!

I woke up to a blanket of snow this morning…To bad it wasn’t tomorrow so I could have my snow day. :spam:

Vancouver is experiencing its annual snow fall of the year.

Four to Five more inches of snow on the ground. Four or Five more to shovel up off my driveway. >.<