First Snow of the Season

I’m getting mine. Who else is getting some or has already received some?

Colorado is, although I think this might just be the first lowlander snow of the season. I’m sure the mountains got theirs a long time ago.

When I came to NY, I was totally unprepared for it to be 50 degrees in late November. And 62 tomorrow! Apparently there’s a pocket of the Deep South in the Northeast.

Getting mine as we speak!

I hate this fucking country. I notice I can’t say the word country without saying “cunt”. I find that appropriate.

Sounds like the realisation that you can’t spell slaughter without laughter.

YES. It’s also a country of ass, appropriately enough with this “cunt” analogy.

Excuse me as I grab my sunglasses and head for a chair out by the pool.

Or pocket-watch without twat.

I’ve got some. It makes life difficult when your only transportation is a bike.

Snow? What’s that?

I live in So Cal and don’t get snow unless I drive to the mountains.

Technically had our first snow a month ago, but last night will be the first snow that sticks. Yay. ^^/

I won’t be holding my breath here.

edit: I mean, there’s a marvellous sunlight outside but it’s frickin’ November!

When we get our first snow of the season, school will be cancelled. All hail 1 inch of snow closing schools.

Hey, I didn’t know The 984 was Greek too!

had ours last night. mostly melting away now, but still very pretty.

We got freezing rain before snow. Right before. So now we have about two inches of snow covering a treacherously slippery death-trap. Yay.

In the autumn, these cattails would explode like stars, magnified white radiance, against fences. Now it is winter, and there is nothing special about that; they remain withered reminders of what once was.

There was a bit of a flurry in West Chester late wednesday night. I let the flakes greet me. Good to see you again! I love the feeling of the beginning of a rain or snowstorm. There are places I know of where the only concern is snow. Those are great places.

Nights like last wednesday remind me that the world can be incredibly beautiful. Sometimes it makes me feel stifled. Before anything new begins, the possibilities are endless. Once they’re past I wonder: What gives us the strength to do the things we do? And: God, I wish I could be back there.

Nope. Just Southern. However, I do currently live in Athens<!–, Georgia–>. It’s only twenty minutes from Bethlehem, two hours from Rome, four hours from Cairo, and an hour from Hollywood. Sparta and Ithaca are both about an hour and a half away.