Fire Emblem GBA

Bah, I am again stuck in Fire Emblem. This time at Chapter 16x in Eliwood’s story. I want to kill all the enemies before I meet up with the guy there, but they keep coming up to my crew and say “WTFPWND” before I get a chance to set my Attack Formation. Not literally, but they do keep killing either Eliwood or Lyn before I kill them all.

The 9 people I brought are(not including Canas, who is acquired there)
Priscilla/Serra(either or, I prefer Priscilla because she can move farther than Serra)
I figure swords are a really good call against all these axe-wielders. Though the Boss uses a Sword. and is on a horse. But I think Lowen or Sain with Horseslayer will work with them.

You can sneak by the north to avoid most fights. They’re really quite tough. I suggest doing that anyway and picking off the units once you’re close to the captain, because by then their population will have thinned out a bit and you might not get zerg rushed quite as badly. You can also block off some “choke points” through which the enemy wants to get to you with high defense characters, then position your ranged units behind them and pick the enemy off that way.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I figured to ask here for help since the faqs at Gamefaqs suggested choke using Marcus. This time around, I distributed his weapons/vulneraries, and used him primarily as a meat shield. Besides, My ranged people need more experience, anyway. Both Wil and Rebecca are only Lv. 6.
I think it may be a good idea not to use Lyn, since I have to start over if she dies.
Hell, if most other people die, I start over.

Zerg Rushed. That’s what keeps happening to me in SC, also.

Oswin is very effective against the boss. Go around. Have Oswin with a Javelin stand in above the house where you get the sleep staff. An archer with a killer bow will come and Oswin will survive and counter. Then have Canas come and finish him off. Have Canas kill the other spell casters too. Don’t use all the Cavaliers. You will get other units with high movement who are better. You will get Heath, Fiora and you should have Florina.

Thanks, I’ll try that. I figured to ask here for help since the faqs at Gamefaqs suggested choke using Marcus. This time around, I distributed his weapons/vulneraries, and used him primarily as a meat shield.

The best way to use Marcus as a meat shield without him taking all the EXP is to take away all his weapons,that way no more counters.

In Hector mode when Damian moved I used Marcus to weaken him and Canas to finish him off. Unfortunately, killing him on that space gave Canas a level up in which he got a hp and reisitance point.

that’s more or less what I meant by distributing his weapons. I gave his sword to Eliwood, and his spear to Lowen.

Hell, whether I’ve completed this game or not, I’m getting the new FE for Cube when it comes out.

You’re not supposed to fight them, you’re to sneak north and around them and talk to the Pirate Captain.

I know, but it takes away the challenge of milking experience, which was specifically what I was asking for advice on. I have another save in which I already talked to the captain.

Use Oswin for any units with the Killer weapons and have ranged units finish them off if you want exp. Drop Matthew and the Cavaliers you don’t like for a magic caster, Oswin and the archer you like better. Then use the arena to level up. Bring the magic caster and the archer because they will get their promotion items soon.

Not to mention that you can’t use the arena there until you defeat most of the enemies.

Speaking of the arena, was it really worth going too? I skipped it because I was afraid of getting my behind whupped by the pirates.

I’m playing through FE for the first time, and next time, I think I might not use Marcus as much as I do now. I’m in Chapter 19 and he’s like the Orlandu of the game. My gosh, a level 10 Paladin is nearly unstoppable. He’s like Lyn, except with him I know one attack is all that’s needed. Lyn’ll take someone out with the Mani Katti like it’s nothing. It’s just like Marcus sucks out most of the challenge. If he counters a boss, that guy is dead. The only problem is, he sucks up all the experience.

Looking at your list, I’m surprised I’m not the only guy who doesn’t use Hector. Doesn’t change anything, I’m aiming for not losing anyone in my game so if anyone dies, I do it over again anyway. Working out quite well actually at the moment…

Marcus is actually quite awful- he’s a god at the beginning of the game, but once you can class change your units, you find his stats are very, very subpar. (That is, if you’re changing your units’ jobs at 20 and not 10.) You’ll actually find that almost every single character that joins you as a 2nd job in FE isn’t very good compared to your units that started out really low.

Level Lyn to 20 as early as you can then take her weapons away and she’s godly as a diversion. Put her in a forest and she’s practically unhittable.

The arena contains other units besides pirates. It’s extremely hit-and-miss you’ll get something you can defeat, especially in later arenas.

I think he means reaching the arena, Pierson. Raven, Canas, Oswin and Priscillia/Serra can take that whole map by themselves. Raven kills most of the pirates, Canas kills the mages, Oswin kills the boss and weakens enemies with killing weapons to prevent one hit kills and Priscillia/Serra heal. Oswin can take critical from any enemy with the killing weapons.

I lvled most of my people to lvl 20 at that stage after clearing off the pirates, since the one you need to talk to won’t move. (as well as that pirate that joins you later)

You just need to buy the healing herbs (forgot the name) from the shop there. Takes a while, but you can use the trick I used (one character enters arena, another character carries him away after that, clearing the way for someone else to enter, and so on) to speed things up.

I wouldn’t battle if the cost is over 700 either. You can push B and enter again.

Gah, you fools have gotten me back into this game again! >:( Oh well, it’ssomething to do until WoW comes back up. :wink:

My technique was just to move ridiculously slow. Check out the ranges of your enemies, lead one into a pack of yours, and kill. Then repeat. It gets easier once you’ve passed the houses.

You people should also check out Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals. It’s in Jap, released way before this Fire Emblem with Lyn and Eliwood, but the story actually happens after this Fire Emblem, with Eliwood’s son, Roy and Hector’s daughter, Lilina as the main characters. Some of the characters are older versions of the characters in this Fire Emblem too, as well as the sons and daughters.

Remember Prince Zephiel, the prince of Bern you saved in one of the scenarios? He’s King now, and the ultimate bad guy for Sword of Seals.

There’s an English translation here: