finris destroyer of worlds demon of doom and sister of cait sith

not to many people know this but i have a sister.

and believe it or not she has decided to join rpgc.

ladies and gentlemen please welcome my (evil) sister fenris! :moogle:

Oh Christ.

Hold me Pierson ;_;

{Run Away!}

lol Nulani XD (ffxi joke ^^)

Or, alternatively,

!kill fenris


oh i just wanted to point out that while i am blood related to cait sith
i am nothing like him.

to be perfectly honest we are completly oposite.

hey baby, hubba hubba
give uncle charle a kiss

Pie, your avatar rocks. Try keeping it for more than 2 minutes.

And hello.

give Charlemagne evil glare

in whisper demons from hell will destroy you and suck your soul into oblivion. :ulty:

Little Finris… would say such beautiful beautiful prayers, and then you would hop into bed, afraid that I was under there… and I was!

you know those demons from hell you spoke of? I’m the worst one!

did i mention that my sister is evil? :moogle:

correction you were the worst demon.

pulls out sword and scratches word poser across charlemagne’s face.

what is a finris anyway?

Hello Finris. ^^

rips off charlemagne’s arm and scratches words dateless homo on his already bloody head with his fingernails.

edit: oh and finris is the biblycal demon that will rise from the earth during the apocalypes and eat every evil soul.

It’s not good to play with fire, little girl.

Are you supposed to be a Fenris? Because yeah, it’s spelt wrong.

Anyways, I smell trouble.

EDIT: No, Fenris didn’t come from the bible, it’s from Norse mythology. I get bitchy when someone mentions Fenris. he was MY first online persona. Meow hiss.

I think we got a homophoooobe…

yes it is.

and what a splendid idea.

summons a fire demon

points at charle

go destroy and feed until you see fit.

fire demon engulfs charle in flame.

I dare you to go say Hi to Mr RP forum!