Final Fantasy X

Rargh, damn it all to hell. First time I’ve lost in the game. And it seems extremely difficult. You know when you get the Airship, you gotta go on deck, and fight this flying wyrm? Rargh, it’s so fucking hard. I need a good solid strategy, that doesn’t consist of me going back and forth with the ship, waiting for shells to be shot.

I can usually do 700-1200 with Aurons’ Power Break skill, and I do about uh… 200-300 with Physical Attacking Tidus. Lulu does about uh… 400-600 with all 2nd Level Elemental spells. I haven’t attemped using Rikku or Kimahri, seeing as I hate Kimahri, but I can’t use Rikku because she only has like 1100 HP. Is there a place before the fight, in the ship, to get spheres?

Oh shit, as I’m typing this, I just thought of a plan that might work. Rikku has ‘Spare Change’ skill, so I can toss Gil for damage. How much damage per Gil? I got about 50,000 gil. Probably more. I don’t buy much stuff in the game. I’m pretty confident.

So uh… give me a strategy which involves uhm… easiness.

If I remember Rightly The “Wuym” uses status attacks, Petrify or poison, I’m not sure. So equip the Aproiate armor when you’re talking to Rin. Chances are you need customise some esisting ones. This Should Make A big differance, you can do more attacking than recovering. when your out Use Wakka and Lulu if you want to attack.

For the Battle It self I have Rikku Use Al-Bhed Potions and any other Items at the aproitate points I use her as an White mage using items instead.(Rikku is faster than most Characters at this point use it). I usally Use the Overdrives of Auron Titus and Wakka and Lulu. Scan and weapons with Sensor Equipted Can help on The First Mode of the Wuym. Cid can only attack it in the first mode, seen as it closes the gap before Cid and Brother can Fire.


The Wyrm uses BOTH poison, and petrify. So uh… yeah. I can’t stop both with one armor… OR CAN I?

IF you’ve got 2 Free slots on one piece Armor and Quite a Bit of Gil. You can. I would make sure you have as much as you can Buy of the Curative Items.

If you haven’t got many slot/items use I personaly recomend Stone Ward over Poison Ward. The Al-Bhed Potion will cure Poison, but not Petrify.

I’ve never used Spare Gil myself.


Yeah, BN’s right, poison has nothing on petrify, so guard against that first.

Oh, and remember that Lulu can use her spells even when you’re really far away. Maybe backing off when you’re low on HP, swapping some chars around to attack with Lulu and heal with Yuna, then moving back in again might work?

You could try trying to stay alive and using the airship to do damage both Rikku and Tidus have the a trigger command to move away from it and if the ship is far away when Cid’s turn comes around he can attack it.

Wow that guy was totally easy for me, but I always went gung ho in levelling everyone up on the spheregrid. Wakka and Lulu/Kimahri, my black mages, did the most damage and nobody else could reach (cuz I never bothered with the pull back/ahead thing)

Make sure Lulu, Wakka, Rikku, and Tidus have Petrification protection. Start with a party of Wakka, Rikku, and Tidus. Immediately cast Hastega if you have it, or Haste Rikku if you don’t. Then cast Slow on Evrae.

Now, call Cid to pull out the ship, and swap out Tidus for 'Lu<sup>*</sup>.

Attack with Wakka, Cast spells with Lulu, and heal with Rikku.

  • You can also swap out Kimhari instead of Lulu, if you sent him down her path. White Wind is helpful when you can use it, if you want to have Rikku use a few other items than Al Bhed potions.

I beat this guy easy, can’t remember how,m but it was mostly hastega, slow, pulling back and have wakka use attack reels and getting great on it.

Heal with Yuna? I don’t have a game-shark. Yuna has been gone for some period now.

Well, I didn’t go gung ho on the spheregrid. I only fight the battles that come up. So every battle I’ve fought. I don’t walk around to wait for battles, I just fight them as they come.

t3h w00t

Okay, I beat the dude, and the few fights afterwards… then I beat the dude again (2 Phoenix Down = Overkill). I had some trouble beating Seymour Natus… but second time around, I killed him. Thank god I spent the last 2 Blk Spheres for Yuna, as she does 2000 with Fira. So uh… DEATH.

I’m now stuck on Defender X, but going to some friends’ house, which he beat the game countless times before. So I’ll get a strategy. But for now, is it possible to miss out on an Aeon?

Defender X? Big rocky guy in the Calm Lands? Easy. Get Tidus to use Provoke every single round and you’ll win easily, since the attack he’ll use on him is one that takes off exactly 1/2 your HP every time, so you only have to heal him with a potion or something while everyone attacks.

And sure is it. The don’t NEED to get any Aeons after Bahamut, but the others sure are cool. :3

But you need all aeons to get the ‘final aeon’ ? Defender X does more than half. He usually kills of Tidus, one hit. (2000-2500 damage)

Yeah, you have to use Provoke and then it constantly does the halving-hp attack.

And I don’t recall a Final Aeon. If you mean fighting Der Richter/Penance, you only need to kill the dark variants. Never heard of a Final Aeon that you receive.

…the whole story is about Yuna going on her journey to become a high summoner, and to bring The Calm to Spira, by defeating Sin. Throughout the game, they exclaim that only the final aeon may bring The Calm, by killing Sin. So Yuna sets out to be granted aeons from each temple, and she supposedly recieves the final aeon, only once she has gained the others.

Sorry for the spoilers, I guess.

Uh the final aeon in the guardian which has to be sacrificed…

More Spoiler:And instead of giving up one of her guardians, they choose to kick Yunalesca’s rear-end.

Yes, I’ve heard of that. Isn’t there something about an egg?

Not at all…

My friend said because Yuna refuses to make a sacrifice, the final aeon appears as an egg, and does nothing.