Final Fantasy X *again*

Well okay. I’m hoping to be called in for a job soon, and the first thing I’m gonna do is buy a PS2 and FF10. I’ve never played it before, and I really really want to. All of a sudden my gaming urges have turned towards FF10 and it’s the only game I can think about pant drool I even went as far as downloading nearly 10 music vids so I could be treated to the FMV sequences or whatever they’re called, and I’m thoroughly impressed with them. Yes I’m like 3 years late, but who cares. I’m really hoping to play it within a week or two, since I can’t give in now cuz of exam review…anyways, I’m curious to know ya’lls opinion on this game. Like, indepth opinion, and what you personally thought of it. I personally think it’ll blow me away but I’m read from numerous people just how ungreat it is. I’ve read a few reviews, but now I want some opinion from some personalities online whom I trust in ^.~ That would be anyone here. So can anyone give me a good summary of what they thought of it and what I can expect? High points and low points?

I liked FFX, but it did have some things I didn’t like. The world map, for instance. You couldn’t travel around it like on the previous Final Fantasies. Instead you pick a location from a list once you get the airship. The voice acting was kinda bad at some places (laughing scene with Tidus and Yuna, for instance). But the rest of the game was good. I really liked the sphere grid system. For most of the game, each character has his or her own little area but after you’re done with that then you can move on to other areas. Eventually, you’ll have a character that can use everyone’s moves, not just theirs. Except for summoning. That’s the only exception. My favorite place was… well, I liked a lot of places. Macalania Woods was a cool place but the stupid monsters drove me crazy. Thunder Plains were fun, dodging lightning and all. I hated the Cloister of Trials at every temple though. The characters were very well-done, their personalities are believable. And every character is so different from the next, it’s not hard to pick a favorite.

Um… that’s about all, I think… I would say some stuff about the storyline, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

3 years late, psh. I still haven’t really played FFIX yet, and won’t be able to until next summer at the earliest. Anyway…

I think FFX is a great game. When I first saw commercials for it on TV, I was blown away, although worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. The addition of voice acting to the game impressed me considerably, and not just for the noice audial addition to the game, but it allowed to a degree an increased perspective on characterization. Tone and inflection add meaning to words, and although everyone sounds about how you would expect them to, I think this one aspect was a boon to the game.

The sphere grid is an intersting take on level advancement, but I think it works out nicely. You can still uber-level if you work at it, but you can also utilize the grid to create distinct jobs among the characters. Also, the ability to change characters in combat provides a reason to use all of your characters and implement their abilities appropriately when the situation calls for it. I think that being able to switch characters make the boss battles much more interesting, if not a little on the easy side. Since the bosses usually either have multiple attack strategies or forms, you get to use your whole party to exploit their weaknesses.

The graphics and sound are very nice, and the FMVs are pretty spectacular. There is also an option to purchase “video spheres” and “music spheres” in the game so you can watch or listen to the FMVs and songs whenever you like.

The plot, while nothing spectacular, is well implemented. It’s been a while since I played from the start, so I can’t really elaborate much right now, but I thought it was well done. All the characters in the party get a fair amount of dialogue and a decent display of personality. Some people find Tidus whiny, and others say that Rikku is annoying, partly on account of her perky voice. Tidus doesn’t really whine that much, and I like people with the peppy outlook on life like Rikku.

Some of the mini-games can be rather irritating, like lightning-dodger or (according to some) chocobo racing, but Blitzball is IMHO the best mini-game ever. I think I’ve spent a third of my game hours playing it, although I rather wish that I could get some more of Wakka’s overdrives and his Sigil from it.

The only low points I can really think of are a few of the battles with Seymour. While most of the time you don’t have to level up too much, Seymour tends to hit rather hard, and my characters max HP was low enough that he could deal serious damage rather quickly.

And while I’ve been writing this, Zidaiku has posted and reminded me of the aeons. Having them be summoned and battling as an individual character (that replaces your current three) is a fun variation on summons.

If I can think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

Just what I was looking for, thanks. And don’t worry about the spoilers, from watching so many vids, I know what happens anyways.

FFX is truly a great game. Graphics, story and music are all just beautiful, and the gameplay has so much to offer. I played the game for 176 hours, and almost maxed out the sphere grid with every character.

FFX is one of my favourite games.

If you already know what happens, you won’t enjoy the game nearly as much. But it’s still a really great game, a lot of fun. Just a tip: DO NOT try to do absolutely everything in the game, or you’ll drive yourself nuts. You can finish it easily without having to do all the inane side quests and minigames.

FFX is my least favorite in the series. I got it 2 years after it came out and paid a ridiculously high price for it (arg). It was a good game, for reasons others here stated, but overall, it didn’t appeal to me much. I especially disliked the characters and never played it again after beating it once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I like knowing what happens, hehe. I dont know little itty bitty details, but I got the overall summary of the game, and even knowing it, I’m sure gameplay will be just as good, because I haven’t pieced everything together, nor have watched it play out. I’m weird like that.

Cid speaks the truth- the minigames were f**king annoying at times. With one exception 9I don’t want to spoil it for you) you can do without pretty much any of them.

People call FFX a very linear game, but another term for that could be “story-driven”. The story is never far from the action, as with most FF games, and the characters are emminently likeable too (OK, Tidus can get annoying, as can Rikku, but you don’t have to put up with them all the time). The CTB system is enjoyable too. :slight_smile:

High Points:

The Sphere System. Best levelling tool so far, IMO

The VAs are a a class bunch. John DiMaggio as Wakka was an inspired desicion

The plot. But then, you probably know that.

Low Points:

The sidequests.

There’s not really much I ddin’t enjoy about this game. it rocks. :smiley:

In regards to difficulty… the game is rather easy for the first half, so long as you swtich between your characters a lot. In fact, switch between characters as much as you can and let them get some action in every battle if possible; AP isn’t divided up if everyone wins a battle, everyone gets their own same amount of AP rather.

However, once you reach the 4th temple (that’s all I’m saying, to prevent spoilers), the game begins to pick up. After the 5th temple, you’ll be glad that save spheres refill your HP and MP completely. Just make sure everyone gets to develop to their potential, and remember that you aren’t playing this game with a 3 person team; you have 7 characters, each with different strengths and weaknesses to use. When someone is weak or has used up their most powerful move, swap them for someone else. And learn Haste and Hastega as soon as you can; they are by far the most important spells in the game (Tidus is also by far the best team member!)

I really think you will love FFX. The battle system and the battles themselves are great; you can fight at your own pace, but the animations load quickly and the graphics in battle are very pretty, but not so over the top that certain attacks become irritating to use. The story will grow on you; the characters in FFX are far more developed and real than any other FF game, specifically the hero, which nearly all of us can identify to (don’t deny it!). And the setting of Spira is one of the most creative and original RPG worlds I have ever seen. The music is much, much better than people make it out to be (wait until you hear Servants of the Mountain, Path of Repentance, and In Zanarkand). And finally, the game is lots of fun, even if the sidequests do borderline on hair-pullingly tedious (monster catching…). It’s definitely one of my favourites of the series. Enjoy it, and if you need help, post in the Gaming Help forum, and I’ll get to you right away!

Being one of those extremely plot driven games, and having really likeable characters (for the most part), it just pulls you in. Eva, once you get into it, you will just want to find out what actually does happen and how it happens.

The battle system was also a wise step, for this game. Because as already has been said, it allows you to use everybodies strengths when you need to. And also the turn-based system, allows you 5to plan what you want your characters to do. For you may want to have them attack (and hopefully kill) the enemy that is about to attack, or heal before an enemy gets in their attack. It allows you to think a couple of turns ahead. Which is very useful.

Anyway, the only thing that really gets me is the minigames. Even some of the good ones (like Blitzball) can become boring, once you become good at it. And the not-so-good ones, can become really annoying. But if you are one of those people whos likes to do everything you can in a game, then you should really like this one since it has tons of extra stuff you can do.

One of you people is going to tell me where the fifth Dark Yojimbo fight is, or I’m going to kill you all. I’m that desperate. -_-

I’m that more desperate to play now after reading this thread ;_;

Pierson, you’re supposed to go as far back into the cave as you can (like the Chamber of the Fayth far) after winning fight 4, then return to the entrance of the cave without resetting the game, or using a teleport pad.

Not if I don’t kill you first for whining about not being able to find all the dark aeon stuff that I don’t ever get a chance to try because I live in the US.

Patience, Eva. I was the same way when I graduated and learned that I was getting a PS2. 8) You’ll be playing it soon enough!

personally i think final fantasy x rocked.

mostly because of all the changes made in the game.
like the sphere grid and blitzball.
the characters were lovable…maybe thats the wronge word to use. uh
the characters were likable. the mini quest for me were fun and the story while a little confusing and sad was great.

i wish i could be more discreptive but im not very good at that stuff. :moogle:

You’re the man Dalton, the man.

Vanguard Bandits is pretty cool also. Thanks for that. ;D

Personally i tought ffx suck big ones mainly because of blitzball OMFG i hated that game and u HAD to play it so i lost horably i also didnt like the sphere grid system it was lame i like the old lvl up ways of final fantasy i also didnt like that u had to go through those temples everyso often i got about half way through the game and quit because i was so frustrated and bored.