Final Fantasy X-2

I thought it was awful in terms of battling, and for the most part, story. The Job System was underdeveloped and none of the jobs had a significant impact on how the game played out unless you chose Dark Knight. Battles were won far too easily without any strategy; you’d be better off choosing Attack over and over as fast as you can instead of using strategy and clever character setups to defeat your foes. Rikku was irritating as irritating could be, and the music was bad for the most part. So no, I don’t like it very much. And it makes me sad when people say it even comes close to FFX.

And sitting through story scenes that could have played out well (only to have Rikku yell out “Meanie!” for no apparent reason other than to try and be “cute”) made the game quite a Paine to sit through.

Like I said before, that’s true of any FF game aside from the ones on the NES. (and the Tactics series, of course)

It’s alright to have an opinion, but everytime some guy came in and said “FF7 is da best game ev0r” he’d get torn to shreds. Is it because it’s different coming from a girl? It just irritates me that all the newer and prettier games get more recognition and the older ones get ignored. It’s just so materialistic to me. So that’s why I asked what she thought of them. The whole “such and such game is the best” without any proof or personal opinion why it’s the best really annoys me, and I wanted some enlightenment. Don’t we all?

Yeah, I mean, I don’t care about any magic other than cure in FF games since I jsut ened good atatckers to keep pounding the enemy and healing occasionally. Although, many RPGs are like this, so it isn’t just FF. Hell, NES DW games forced this type of play by making magic not work on bosses.

Yes, but in X-2, you were punished for fighting intelligently. I tried to debilitate every boss in the game with Break skills and opposite elemental magic, and I got killed because of the charge time for the abilities. That’s just stupid… in the older FF games (SNES era and FF7), wise use of magic and abilities were the key to winning.

Even healing magic was crap in FFX-2; the charge time was ridiculous for casting spells. What’s the point when you can tap Attack over and over again until the enemy dies? No point in all that “job system” business, if you ask me.

I’m saying it just because it’s an opinion. However, a similar thing could be said about older games. People only like them for nostagila (spelling?). Hell, I remember played FF6 and being like “Wow, these graphics are great.” In fatc, graphics are what sort of drew to FF in the first place (give me a break, I was like 5 or 6). FF and DW were the only RPGs I knew of (since they were the most popular NES RPGs) and I liked FF more than DW because you saw your character inbattle and his weapon changed picture. It is true that she should support why they are her favorites.

I must have been playing different copies fo the game. I did jsut fine in FF4 and on just attacking. Hell, I’m playing through FF5 right now and I just have to attack and I’m kicking ass, I even have 2 mages. Could I borrow your copies to see a SNES and later FF that requries strategy? There are a couple fo battles in each game that requrie strategy, but most are just “whack, whack, cure.”


You need to log 3 months of seniority on the boards before you’re allowed to have an opinion (and even at that point you have to select from one of the premade standard-issue opinon types and use that until you’ve hit 6 months).

I thought we all agreed to this at the last union meeting…

Eva, no, I haven’t. :frowning: I need to get the Blue Gem from the top of the level. But I can’t get up from the bottom of the triangle-room because I can’t jump up them without falling off the very top one, and an overhang stops me from jumping there from crystals on the wall.

I personally didn’t think much of FFX-2 when I first saw it. I despised the job system in FF5 and thought this was gonna be much the same. Now I might actually go back and try playing it again. I suppose that kinda made the game better, in a ‘hey-this-isn’t-as-bad-as-I-thought-it-was-gonna-be’ way.

Perhaps I’m just a little bitter because I see games like Final Fantasy X-2 praised for bring filled with strategy and excellent gameplay just because they feature the “limitless” Job System, while games like Legaia Duel Saga and Wild ARMs 2 get the shaft for “trying to cash in on the RPG genre and ripping off Squaresoft”. Ah well.

FFX-2 was fun though; not for the battles, but for the collecting everything aspect. Getting 100% was actually kind of fun to do, and even though you’d never really use them, mastering the jobs was kind of fun too. 8)

I’m sorry what I said about having an opinion. This is the only right answer.

Actually, the jobs in FFX-2 did make a difference. You could just have everyone attack and be ok, or you could have a Dark Knight use Darkness and have back up healing so that things went smoother. It all depends on how much you level and stuff. Plus, outside of the Dragon Warrior games, there aren’t many RPGs that actually require you to completely debiliate your enemies and boost your allies.

FF7 is far from teh best FF. It’s far from even being a good RPG. The storyline is predictable, there’s too much angst even for a Final Fantasy and there’s absolutely no difference in your characters aside from Cloud’s ultimate weapon being scary strong and their limit breaks. Aside from the limit breaks your characters are all the exact same. FF7 is like the “for dummies” book series. It’s an RPG for dummies.

The all characters being the same is the same for most FFs. FF2, FF3, FF5, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF10 if you have enough time, FFX-2, and FF11 to an extent. They always jsut have slight differences. Also, FF7 is again, your opinion. The only FF that doesn’t have a predictable story is FF10. FF7 is a pretty traditonal FF. It is basically a SNES FF with uber graphics. Your opinion is qutie different from the majority, not to say that’s bad or anything, but most places and people give it good reviews. It had many good elements and did a lot for the RPG genre in general.

:0 dude! you’re hardcore!

Shut up Dev. :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the reasons I loved Fire Emblem (although it was also the reason I almost threw my laptop out of the window on several occassions) was that no matter how much you levelled it was always within your opponents grasp to tear you to shreds if you planned badly, and the ability to do the exact same thing to him with only a few (often one lone guy) placed in the exact right spot. To me that’s better a better system than the usual one of just powerlevelling if you get stuck. Plus the low levelcap.

That seems to happen A LOT here.


Although the graphics aren’t much compared to now, FF6 was the best developed, IMO. There was just so much to do, and almost every character had an actual useful skill without being TOO powerful, whereas in most of the newer games, you find yourself getting by on one character alone (using Lionheart, Omnislash, Shockwave Pulsar, so on).

I’d have to say 6 & 8 are my favorites.

And SoM was just cool as hell. It’s always cool to have a real-time, multiplayer RPG with some friends. Ah, the old days…

I disagree, it wasn’t quite as easy to copy character builds in FF6 (due to inate stats and screwing around with espers while leveling up), and the whole fun part of the job system is making several unique characters instead of each one with the same skills. In FF7, from what I’ve gathered (I really couldn’t stand to play it past disc 1, stupid materia) characters just kinda sorta become eachother naturally.