Final Fantasy VI

I checked the shrine, and it stops at like the Phoenix Cave, what do I do afterwards?

Explore. :sunglasses: But here’s some places you can go:

-Triangle Island, at the top right of the map. Get eaten by the Zone Eater.
-Take Cyan to Doma Castle and go to sleep.
-Defeat Doom Gaze, who randomly attacks your airship as you fly.
-Kill six dragons (the last two are in Kefka’s Tower). One of them is in the Opera House.
-Take Figaro Castle underground; you’ll stop halfway and hit the Ancient Castle.
-Visit the Colosseum.

When you have all your characters and are ready to go, land the airship on Kefka’s Tower.

I have got all but one character, and level 30-40, highest is Mog, lowest is Setzer… safe for Kefkas Tower?

Here’s what I’d recommend for tackling that nightmare of a final dungeon (it’s a toughie).

  • 4 Hero Rings. Switch them around on your teams to help you deal more damage to the bosses.

  • An Illumina or Ragnarok. These are both very powerful swords, capable of casting powerful magic when they strike.

  • Moogle Charm for Mog. This will enable one of your teams to run through the dungeon without encounters, making it that much safer and easier.

  • Strago’s Big Guard spell. Safe + Shell is incredibly useful.

  • Haste2, on as many characters as possible for easier battles. Also, if you have it, Vanish and X-Zone for emergencies.

Remember, if one of your teams is stuck on a boss, de-equip your good stuff from an inactive team and equip it to the one having trouble. Also, you can tackle the tower a bit at a time; go after 1 or 2 bosses, then retreat and repeat, taking different bosses down each time.

If you need to level up, head for the hidden “Dino Forest” with 3 of your team members petrified. Equip 1 person with the EXP Egg, then battle a Tyranosaur, and just club away at it with that one character. More often than not, the Tyranosaur will attack the petrified characters, which does nothing. You’ll be free to beat the crap out of it, and claim all the EXP at the end. Equip Bahamut while leveling up to quickly increase your HP total.

Anyway, good luck. 8)

By the way, I’ve found the most powerful team to be Sabin, Celes, Strago and either Cyan or Gogo.

Level 40 sounds a bit too low.

Who are you missing? Shadow?

No, locke.

Yeah, I wouldn’t reccomend level 40 unless you’ve already beaten the game before, which, from what I’ve gathered, you haven’t :smiley: No big deal though.

The best place in my opinion to gain experience is the desert right outside of Maranda. There, you will fight Hoovers, which can be tough, and Cactrots, which are not very tough :stuck_out_tongue: Hoovers are cool because they give you about 1800 exp; it’s not much less than the dinosaurs give you on ‘dino island’). However, unlike the Tyrannosaurs, you get 5 magic points for each Hoover you kill, AND they’re naturally susceptible to X-Zone! That just makes it that much easier. Cactrots are very hard to hit, but they also only have 10 hit points. If you have a really powerful spell, like Meteor, use that to hit him right away. If all else fails, use the Vanish/Doom trick on it until you have a spell like Meteor to hit them with :smiley: Cactrots give no experience, but they give 10 magic points! :smiley: This makes the desert, in my opinion, the best place to level up; it’s one of the best places for experience (Probly second best), and you get 5 or 10 magic points every fight! You’ll learn magic damn quick here, as well as gain some levels.

Well then go to the Phoenix Cave. Apparently you still have a lot to do.

EDIT: Edgar’s Drill wipes out Cactrots in one hit, thats what I always used

Actually, I have beated FFVI before. >.<

But didnt get Locke that time.

That’s like one of the most essential dungeons in the WoR I wouldn’t want to skip that.

Its too hard fo me

Originally posted by Evangelion
[b]Well then go to the Phoenix Cave. Apparently you still have a lot to do.

EDIT: Edgar’s Drill wipes out Cactrots in one hit, thats what I always used [/b]

Yeah, but Setz should level up everyone and not just Edgar :stuck_out_tongue:

And Setz: If you’re at level 40 with your guys, you should be able to do the Phoenix cave. It’s hard at low level 30’s, bt when you have your guys at 40, it really, really shouldn’t be a problem.

I switch everyone around except Edgar>.>

And he probably means the “puzzles” are too hard for him, cuz apparently he thinks he’s strong enough to take on Kefka’s domain…

If it’s too hard for you, remember that you can avoid random encounters with the Moogle Charm. Also, I think that you can equip Gogo with it as well, so make a team with Mog and a team with Gogo, and when you switch team members, switch the accessory around.

I didnt know about that.

Can someone comfirm this?

Heres how I level up, and uncurse the shield at the same time(do not attempt with Gau, Umaro or Gogo):

Equip an Exp. Egg and a Ribbon, along with the Cursed Shield on the Character you want to level up.

Make sure that character knows Vanish.

Go to Doma Castle area, and fight in the grass. In the first fight use Vanish. The enemies don’t use Magic, so they can NOT hit you, unless you leave the grassy area.

Level said character up to level 99.

The first one I usually level up is :ah-ha!: then :get it?: followed by :hahaha; . :wave: is one of the last ones i level.


Can Gogo use Moogle Charm?

Gogo can NOT wear the moogle charm (trust me, I just checked on my save game which is just before the final battle). However, he can still use the Charm Bangle, which at least reduces random encounters.

edit: omg666post0rzohnoz

How do I get that again? Charm Bangle or w/e?

I believe you can get one in Vector after the banquet, if you talk to enough people and give the right responses. But you’re already way past that, so unless you already have one, you’ve missed it. There might be one available at the Coliseum, but I don’t know.