Final Fantasy V Advance

Final Fantasy V Advance is out now, incase it slipped by anyone’s game-detectors. I don’t know if there’s a thread on this yet.

Has anyone picked it up yet? I haven’t but I plan to. I hear the translation/script is fixed up a lot although I don’t recall anything too bad when I played it on the PSX. Apparently there’s a 30 level bonus dungeon after you beat the game, that sounds promising. And four new jobs: Gladiator, Necromancer, Cannoner, and Oracle.

I’m interested in hearing about the new jobs and what people think after using them. How do you get them?

I’m not sure if I’ll get this game since I already have it on the PSX and it wasn’t my huge favorite either… I may change my mind since I like being portable. :slight_smile:

Did you forget about the ten-million instances where Faris’s lines were changed simply too “arrrrr!!!” or some equivalent?

Yeah, that made the Playstation version hard to play through. The load times for the battles was already bad, but the translation was the icing on the cake to make me stick with the ROM. At first the “Arrr” bit was sort of neat in that they made her talk like a pirate, but then when it was pretty much every other word it got annoying. I’ll be picking up the GBA version soon though. The new jobs sound interesting.

I somehow managed to play thru it once on the PSX. The load times were bad, but that was on a good day. On a bad day it wouldn’t even do that. And it was the same for FFVI a ture travasty.:scream:

I thought that was fucking hilarious, especially since Faris is a pirate.

By browsing the Gamefaqs boards I think three of the new jobs are found in ??? cave and the Necromancer job is found in the bonus dungeon. Apparently the new jobs are kind of pointless because you get them way later in the game.

And yeah, the load times were horrible in the PSX versions. That’s one of my main reasons for getting the game, my other reason is because it’s my favourite of the Final Fantasies.

That was a great feature in the PSX version.

Originally Posted by VickiMints
I’m interested in hearing about the new jobs and what people think after using them. How do you get them?

There are 4 new jobs in all. 3 of them can be obtained in the new dungeon and one can be obtained after completing the dungeon final boss. The problem is that this dungeon can only be acessed after obtaining the 12 legendary weapons. Or at least some of them? (Fully acessed after you beat the game though.)

The classes are,
Cannoneer: a kind of combat oriented chemist relying on items mixing with the class’s weapon (ammunition 3 types/consumable) to deal damage.
Gladiator: a high powered high speed attacker that can deal massive damage to the enemy party. Like a dark knight with ninja speed.
Oracle: a high powered mage exceling in evasion and casting powerful but random magic like a geomancer or a hunter.(plus it surrpasses even the summoner in magic power.)
Necromancer: hidden class gotten by beatting Euno this class acts like an undead blue mage learning its spells by defeating an enemy that knows the spell.

Plus their are some new arms and armours to aquire. At least 2 new weapons in the original weapon catagories(a katana and a sword) some new armor(Grand Helm and Maximilliam) a new shield(Force Shield) and some other stuff…

Hopes this helps.

None of the new classes are especially interesting, especially considering that you have to pretty much destroy the game to get them.

Cannoneer is basically a chemist with more emphasis on direct damage and slightly better equipment. !OpenFire is kinda fun, as it causes random status effects and some minor damage to one target for free. !Combine is !mix with only damaging effects. Oh, and they get EXP Up, which gives an extra 50% EXP when equipped.

Oracle is only useful for the magic bonus and ABP Up, which gives +50% ABP when set. You also get ReadAhead, which lowers the encounter rate to negligable levels; !Predict, which casts random high level black and white spells on all allies or all enemies after a timer expires; and !Condemn, which is blue magic Doom except with -aga class spells instead of instant death.

Gladiator has 2 fairly useless physical attacks: !BladeBlitz, which does a ~1/2 damage attack to all enemies and misses frequently; and !Finisher, which misses 1/2 the time (1/4 if you master the class), does a critical hit a portion of the rest, and does 9999 of the user’s element 1/4 of the time (1/2 if you master the class). Finisher is frequently absorbed by bosses and Krile does earth damage with all the usual downsides. You also get the ability to attack from back row at full damage, but it doesn’t transfer to mime/freelancer, and to jack the encounter rate way up.

Necromancer is essentially a pumped up black mage with some minor drawbacks. Being stuck as undead and not being able to use Bone Mail is kinda meh, but at least one of the spells it gets is a double strength drain for 15 mp. The other draw back being that the spells it gets are pretty pricy: 38 mp for what amounts to a -aga black spell with a chance of a status effect to one target or 66 mp for what amounts to a Bahamut clone only with evil looking laser beams. You also get !Oath, which does ~700 damage to 1 or all enemies by calling an random crappy monster to attack.

Princess Salsa!

I wanna hear more about the Canonneer… it sounds like Kaze from FFU. :sunglasses:

There’s not much more to be said. They have mostly the same equipment as blue mages and have the abilities I mentioned. !Combine takes one of 3 types of ammo (which generally determine the damage and targetting) and any of the usual !Mix items or the ninja scrolls to make an attack. Combining blitzshot (the highest priced ammo at 800 gil) and a ninja scroll does ~7000 damage of the element of the scroll (at level 99) to all enemies, while a dark matter does the same damage + a random status effect (including instant death and petrify) to all enemies.

Ah, so I misread your first post then. Oh well. 8p

bought it. And I bought it for $16. at Wal-mart. Probably best thing that’s ever happened to me involving buying video games since getting WA 3 for $10. I don’t know how it read at $16. the price tag on it clearly said $38, but aprently the scanner said differently. I did find it in the bargain bin, but mistakes like that happen. nothing wrong with it. So very lucky for me. Now to pour hours into playing it. Arrrrr.

I have the game now, and so far, it’s nice. The dialogue clean-up does a world of difference I think.

I like how, when you’re in that prison with Cid, after he blows down the wall and meets the party, the Chancellor comes along looking for him, and he goes straight to the cell the party’s in without a second glance, and doesn’t even seem to notice that Cid’s knocked down a wall.

What I like about this game that I only just realized was the Ancient Civilization of Ronka were a bunch of dicks. How egotistical do you have to be to use the EARTH crystal to make your city FLOAT? It’ s like they were trying to flip the entire world the finger there!

Is it just me, or has this game been watered down a bit? It’s been awhile since i played it on a emulater, but I remember it being more difficult than this. I’m cruising through normal enemies, and i remember Liquid Flame being a pain to beat, not something that i could one shot kill with a frost rod. Maybe I’m just overleveled or Become smarter about it since I lasdt played it, but it’s seeming really easy.

Also, how do you kill jackanapes?

FFV is sitting on my living room table, I haven’t tried it yet, been busy sweaing loudly at FFIIIDS. I don’t recall FFV being particularly difficult, personally.

BTW, FFVI GBA is already out in Japan.

FFV is one of my favorite FFs on the strength of its gameplay alone, and the new additions might interest me into buying the GBA version as well. Whether a class is useful or not doesn’t matter to me, if anything it makes for a new challenge. When exactly in the game do you get the new classes? How about the graphics, are they the same? Not that it matters terribly to me, just curious.

I think I’d buy FFIII first, except I don’t have a DS, and I’m not sure it’s worth buying, as I play only RPGs. Are there enough for it?