Final Fantasy Origins

I’ve been waiting for this to come out for a while now, but I’m wondering how it is? Like, is it almost identical to the Nintendo versions of the games, only with new graphics, or did they actually change them?

It’s almost identical, there may have been some changes, but other than text it’s not really noticeable.

My understanding was that the games were not the original NES games with modifications, but rather remakes of the games from the mid-1990s on the Wonderswan Colour console, with the addition of full-motion video sequences.

Many of the weapons, armour, spells, items, places, characters and enemies were renamed, too. The level of tediousness in Final Fantasy II(j) was reduced as well (thank goodness!)

I think I’d still prefer the NES games myself.

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I think I’d still prefer the NES games myself.


Nostalgia, mainly.

Personally, I’m wondering if they’ll keep the super-monsters on the end of that peninsula in FF1, but that’s just my glitch-seeker side talking. ^^;

Nah, if I had the hoice, I’d personally stick with the re-makes- the graphics are better, and the gameplay improved- and that, to me, is preferable, no matter how nostalgic I get, if it’s better, it’s better, simple as that.

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Personally, I’m wondering if they’ll keep the super-monsters on the end of that peninsula in FF1, but that’s just my glitch-seeker side talking. ^^;
Yep, it’s still there, as is the way to increase stats in FF2 by canceling attacks.

I hate that pennunsilua, they always kill me at level 10. What is a good level to go there and start leveling?

You just need a BM and RM with Bolt2/Fire2. You can kill anything there easily with the two spells, and what’s left a fighter/Black Belt can deal with.

Yeah, as Xelo said, Fire2 is essential. It helps if you encounter the Winter Wolves at first since one Fire2 spell can wipe them all out, and you’ll probably gain a level off of them. I’d recommend avoiding the Necrotaurs (Zombulls) if possible since they’re the hardest monsters there. Trolls and Hill Gigases (Giants) aren’t too bad if you throw in some more Fire spells.

Me and no black mage.

Oh. Well that makes things exponentially harder. What classes do you have? You should still be able to take out some Giants.

So far I like playing FF1 especially with the improvements. Even if FF1 (Nes) had the easy mode and such that FF1 (FFO) has, I’d still have less motivation to reface the final boss.

Yes I admit having better graphics, spell animation and a final boss tune helps. Yes make the final boss feel like a final boss and not just a normal enemy.

I’m currently on FF2, but I’m kind of uber leveling as it were. Well the game gives you cheap enemies even if you go slightly off the main path so of course I’m leveling up more…

Easy mode in FF1 may seem cheap, but all it is really is taking less time to go through the game. And of course being fairer to mages…

And yes I too relied on multi-hit spells for enemies such as winter wolves…


Heh, I’m loving the remake of FF2. I’ve uber leveled a fair amount thus far, and I’m currently at the Dreadnaught. I doubt I’d be able to play them on the NES again since they’re so much more fast paced now which makes the games much more enjoyable in my opinion.

The furtherest I’ve gone is getting my first 4th member. I’m trying to get my cure to 16 and my MP to 500 and my HP is already past the 2000 goal.

I keep thinking I’m over doing it, but the constant rewards makes leveling up a lot more fun. Plus I want to be able to go though the game without worrying about anything, but leveling up new spells. Such as err shell, blink and other defensive spells.


Good LORD, that is uber leveling =P. The most HP anyone has currently is Gus with 1067, and the most MP anyone has is Maria with 282. Are your weapons still leveling up even?

yup, these new releases of FF1 and FF2 in FFO are much more enjoyable to play than the NES ones in my opinion, the only thing i don’t like is some of the changes they made on the dialogues, there were some pretty funny lines they shouldn’t have changed

I have a Fighter, Black belt, Theif, and a white mage.