Final Fantasy I

After recently purchasing FFO for the Playstation (one), and playing Final Fantasy I, (not so much II) I was wondering if there is a dude who can change names… like, Namingway (FFIV), or NameTags (FFVI). I was trying to think of names, and I had it all planned two days ago, but I forgot three names, so I just made up three more. :open_mouth:

I was originally gonna have…

Red Mage – Nate
Monk – Kier
Fighter – Toma
White Mage – Ryan

But, I ended up with…

Red Mage – Nate
Monk – Setz
Fighter – Rijn
White Mage – Mel

And, after using them names, I noticed I hate the names for my characters.

This topic is not only for that, but I will post help needed at a later date, 'cause I’m bound to get stuck.

Allow me to hijack Setz’s post with a question of my own: What are your recommendations for creating a party? Because I was thinking of using Black Mage, White Mage, Fighter and Thief.

Never, never, never use a Black Mage! Sure, they have powerful spells, but they are very poor at doing anything other than casting black magic. If you’re playing on Easy Mode, go right ahead, but on Normal Mode, you simply won’t have enough spell castings for a Black Mage to be all that useful. A Red Mage is a much more favorable alternative, and he gets the Black Magic spell Haste, which is one of the few you really actually need.

I only chose Red Mage, 'cause it was my fav’rite class in FFV, and, they look so cool.

Dalton, I didn’t choose Black Mage, for that reason. :stuck_out_tongue: I hate Black Mages, they suck, at almost everything. Red Mages have very close black magic capabilities, and they can use White Magic too…

I chose Monk, instead of a thief, 'cause I think I’ll take might, over speed/thievery. I chose the fighter class, 'cause well, they’re fighters. :stuck_out_tongue: White mage… self explanatory.

Okay, I’ve been stuck for like, 50 minutes now… I’m level 10 for all, and I got a boat. I don’t know what to do after I get the boat. I visit the Elven city, and it’s nice and all, but what after that? Do I have to get the Crown to fix that castle now? Or do I go straight to cure the Elven Prince?

You go for the Crown first. Far west of the elven town is what looks like a hole in the ground. This is the Marsh Cave, and that’s your destination. It’s not an easy dungeon… in fact, it’s one of the most hated dungeons in FF history. Good luck!

Okay, thanks Dalton.

Just a question, when do my characters upgrade? I mean, the fighter goes to Knight, the white mage goes to white wizard, et cetera.

That, and my first question. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s quite a while into the game. Once you get the Airship, you can go and find the Rat Tail item that will allow you to upgrade your character classes. Of course, you don’t actually have to if you don’t want to. 8P

Black Mages aren’t nearly as bad as Dalton is claiming. The first Final Fantasy is one of the few FF games where Black Magic is actually useful, since you often fight groups of 9 enemies, which is a huge headache, but can easily be taken out with a well placed Black Magic spell. The difference in MP between Black Mages and Red Mages is more than enough to consider using a Black Mage. Many a time, I’ve had my ass saved by a last-ditch Fire 3 spell, where a Red Mage simply wouldn’t have had the MP left to cast it.

I’d say the best party is probably Fighter, Fighter, Black Mage and White Mage. Although, if you’re worried about funds, you can replace the second Fighter with a Monk. A Red Mage can also replace the second fighter or either of the other mages as well (although I wouldn’t recommend replacing the White Mage unless you’re playing Easy Mode… although it’s probably funner with a Red Mage instead of a White Mage). The one character you shouldn’t use is the Thief.

I disagree. Thief sucks early on, but he gets quite good. They took away his abbility to flawlessly escape, but he still does it more often than most.

If you can stick with Thief long enough, he gets good. Not as strong as Fighter or Blackbelt, but still quite useful. And he can learn some black spells, including Haste.

“Four white mages? It’ll never work!”

That’s my point exactly. The thief IMPROVES, but never to the point where he’s even close to being as useful as another Fighter, or a Black Belt, or even a Red Mage. So there’s no real reason to use one. Haste is useful, but I’d rather have a Red Mage so I can have Haste plus some healing spells.

It’s all about using what you think would be cool. Psh, if you’re good you don’t need to rely on the stronger characters.

Personally, I found the thief to mostly only be good for running, which was a moot point later on; running loses out on exp. The BLM spells later on were only a minor amusement, and I would much rather have the extra strength and later on whm spells of a knight instead. On my first playthrough, thats how I felt for practically the whole game, my thief never really pleased me.


Expensive as all hell… But we go


Ever heard of the fact that buying 99 heals on the NES version’s a pain in the arse?

Sure, with your new-fangled remakes, shopping is too easy! And WHAT!? Inventory space is unlimited!? I GIVE UP, GOOD PEOPLE!

You can mix it up a bit, the two only two classes that are really crucial are a fighter and a white mage. A lot of people suggest against black belts, but I’ve always liked them since they get stupidly powerful after promotions.

And Hiryuu, I think black mages might have been retooled or something for the version Setz is talking about. I don’t know if it’s just easy mode or magic in general was toned down, but Nessa played through that a little while ago, and the black mage was pure dead weight for pretty much the whole game.

copy pastes his fucking shrine

Don’t worry Sin, I read your shrine. patpat

I’m Copying parts of the FF1 shine to my plam so I can do it in bed…

Big Nutter

Sin, your shrine is cool, and all. But wasn’t the remake different than the original in some occurances? I was reading it, and it’s nice, but, even from the start, I see differences, making your shrine completely unreliable for my needs.

Edit: I forgot to mention I just got the fire crystal, and that I don’t know where to go next… Do I get the airship next?