Final Fantasy I

Well, I’ve played through FF numerous times on the NES, and the PSX remake in both easy mode and normal mode, and my Black Mages have never been dead weight.

Then again, I think being able to wipe out a screen full of Ghasts or Frost Wolves in one blow is about as useful as it gets in FF.

Setz: The FFO version of Final Fantasy is pretty much the same as the NES version. Not much was changed at all, and most of the changes were aesthetic. Sin’s shrine has a walkthrough. Use it.

And Flare puts some big hurt down on enemies. :mwahaha:
Sure, Holy is almost as powerful, but you’ll probobly want to save your white mage’s Lv8 points for Life2.

Forgot to mention it before, but a party I’m fond of is Fighter, Blackbelt, Red Mage, White Mage.

Setz, your original question were walkthrough questions, I really doubt the remakes were different:P. Apart from that, a lot of the info that’s been repeated is in the shrine :stuck_out_tongue:

Fighter, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage. Black magic ain’t so hot.

Oh, and Sin, this image burns my eyes:

If you want, I’ll make you a fancier one in Photoshop.

Go for it.


It is up. Thanks!

I like swords…

So What level do you recomend empting the Marsh Doungen on GBA. My team is Fighter, RM, WM, BM all at 15, I’ve just got Cure magic and Elemental Damage on the magic users. (I don’t use effect magic to much in the others FFs)

Big Nutter
Likes to Boat-koden!!!

You’re Level 15? You’ll do fine down there then. Dia2 will be pretty helpful along the way.

I like seeing “The End”. Don’t you?

Sinistral, thanks for making your shrine, it helped me find out where to go next, when the game seems to have not told me. :wink:

Level 38 for all, 60000 or so steps, or was it 600000? 17 hours. :smiley:

I’ll have to say this, besides FFVI, was the best Final Fantasy, I’ve ever experienced.

Grab “Diara” then (renamed Dia2), I took a look down there, and Zombies! I’ll proberbly be out about L18, hitting 19 when I hit the Dwarfs.

Big Nutter
A Moogle from FF9 “Rali-kupo”

Uhm… Nutter, I think you mean that Dia2 was renamed to Diara…

Question. There are four harm spells (Dia1, Dia2, Dia3, Dia4), what is the last one called? You have Dia, Diara, Diaga, and one other. :open_mouth:

At least I think they’re called Dia, Diara, and Diaga… never played GBA version.

Since FF8 they’ve use -ra and -ga for Level 2 and 3 spells and the four is -ja.

Info: Sin cast Gavaija in 10 (Int).

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There’s a few spells in FF1 that have -ja suffixes. Most of them are White magic.

MMORPGS may be considered harder than Final Fantasy NES

I know a dude that beat it with 4 white mages

There’s only 3 dia spells, then at the 8th level you can get Holy, which also hurts other creatures as well as doing high damage to the undead.






Edited White Magic List from the Engish Eu GBA Manual.

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Epic, I don’t know about the original, but on the FFO remake, they have Dia4 as a level… uh… 6 or 7 spell.