final fantasy FOURTEEN!!!!!!

I don’t know if you’ve seen this but Squeenix has supposably confirmed that they are making ff14

And its gonna be another b***** MMORPG like ff11.

does anyone else have any thoughts or info on it?

Yes, they have confirmed it and it will be another MMORPG. Screenshots and trailers seem to indicate that it’ll be similar to FFXI in many ways, but we don’t have much info yet. It’s due out next year.

They’re talking about making it multi-platform, but so far, they’ve only announced it for PS3.

Does this seem like a stupid move to anyone else? I mean, the biggest fanbase of MMO players is PC, so why make it PS3 exclusive? I know they’re saying that they’re “looking into” making it multi-platform, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t, and even more surprised if it were successful in spite of being released on just PS3.

The official site already shows both PS3 and PC (go to Information).

But this is pointless…why make another MMORPG?

  • If ff14 does work then all the ff11 fans will either stay put with one MMORPG,
    they’re unlikely to play both becos of expensises and time…although if played by ps3 it
    could be free (in the sense of no monthly/quaterly payments)

  • They keep pumping out expansions of ff11 so if they do the same for ff14, players are
    gonna have a lot of money to pay (again)…

  • they will have only done two proper games between MMORPGs…you’d expect more…
    i hope this isn’t gonna be a pattern…

Other than WoW, I really don’t know about this. Not contradicting it, just saying, XBL seems like it has the MMO market on lockdown other than for RPGs. I think not releasing it to 360 would be stupider.

The trailer looks IMPRESSIVE though. I’m getting some FF vibe from it I haven’t felt since IX. I’d still prefer if it was not a pay-per-month MMO though. F that S.

You never know. Players might be able to import their characters into FF14, so they’d be able to enjoy spiffy new graphics, new locations, abilities etc. while not losing their thousands of hours of work.

That could be true. The more important point I was making was “wtf PS3!?!?” But yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember being one of the only people with any faith at all in the PS3: it plays blu-ray discs, it had a respectable list of exclusive titles (FFXIII was a list on its own, before SE realized it wasn’t feasible to release it as a PS3 exclusive), and PS2 compatibility among other things. That really didn’t pan out well. I think monthly PS2 sales are STILL higher than PS3.

I find the whole PS3 only thing to be hilarious since I’m certain that in the end we’re all going to get it eventually (except for Wii and portable owners). It doesn’t really matter that the other versions wont be coming immediately.

And considering that it was only announced a little under a week ago I wouldn’t be surprised if the 360 + PC ports are officially announced somewhere between now and when it comes out for the PS3.

They’re moving away from FFXI because anything added has to be able to work with the PS2; a lot of players are still using it. So they are pretty limited with what they can do in expansions.

FFXIV will probably be available for the 360 as well, I wouldn’t worry about it.

What surprises me is that the character models are straight from XI, and rumor says there is no PVP.

Also there won’t be experience points; your character will develop based on progress through the storyline (missions) and weapon usage. Also, it’s supposed to be much more friendly for single players, so you don’t have to stand around LFG for 4 hours before you can accomplish anything.

Nobuo is doing a majority of the music.

It looks like all the servers will be in Japan again, which is pathetic - especially for a game that “will rely heavily on timing”.

Ugh… it seems Square has resigned the series to being online play for the future. I keep holding out hope that one day, Square will have one last hurrah and make a console rpg Final Fantasy as the same quality as FFVI or FFVII, as a denoument for the series. But its seeming more like wishful thinking.

Um? FFXIII (in all three parts) is offline. I highly doubt FFXV will be online, too. As for quality, your mileage may vary. FF is all about experimentation, and hopefully they’ll hit the sweet spot on one of their iterations.

Ah, I completely forgot that there was no FFXIII yet :stuck_out_tongue: that’s good news. FF used to be about experimentation, but you could also argue its the lack of experimentation - the sticking to old plot and character types - that’s defined the series since FF7. That’s what I believe, and I hope there is “one last hurrah” or a revival.

I think DQ remains Squeenix’s “nostalgia” series. FF always has some familiarity, but does tend to strike in new directions in each installment.

Squeenix needs to stop wasting money making shitty MMO’s and spin-offs and go back to making RPG’s that make me want to waste time with controller in hand.

Amen to that.

I’ve been looking around and there’s a common rumour that it will be a bit like an indirect
sequel of FFXI (like FFTactics and FF12 or the three FF13s) ie. same world, different time…

Also, there quite an uproar about this…alot of ff11 players seem to be battling it out on
the forums but it seems the majority don’t want another MMORPG for a while…but aren’t
intirely against it…

Let’s face it: the gamer is a dying breed. Square-Enix, like other companies, want to appeal to the general gamer more than they want to cater to a fan-based audience. While a fan-based audience will have more loyalty towards a franchise, they are less in number than a general audience. Therefore, a general audience has more money.

One might think that’s a nonsequitor, but by incorporating MMORPGs such as FFXI and FFIV into the FF canon, they are embracing what is popular now (and has been for some time): things like World of Warcraft. Cid says that Square-Enix is innovating with their franchise, but I disagree. They are cynically counting on [strike]addicts[/strike] subscribers to flock to their games based on the success of similar games. As soon as FFXI hit, we saw one of the signs that the DEATH of innovation in video games is near. Even FF’s recent console RPG, FFXII, showed major influence from MMORPGs in its combat style.

Yes, FFXIII boasts a completely different combat system, but from what I have seen it is only superficially different. They return to ATB, but in such a way that can easily be done in an MMO setting. If FFXIII fails, we can look forward to more bland auto-combat with occassional button presses that MMOs boast. I can only hope for the success of FFXIII, and the utter failure of FFIV. But I don’t think that will happen. We are in the midst of a Dark Age of gaming… hopefully we’ll see the Renaissance soon.

Square’s direction to appeal to a broader audience was readily apparent with FFVII. Of course they want to appeal to a broader audience. They’re not going to survive otherwise.

This might make sense if WoW came out before FFXI. “FF Online” was given the roman numeral “XI” to encourage loyal fans of the series to play it. It was a great marketing move for a lot of reasons; they put their most successful brand name on the line and said that XI would measure up to the offline games. That’s rather significant if you think about it.

The combat system in XIII looks pretty different than anything I’ve seen. But I haven’t played or watched the demo, so I can’t speak to it. XIV, however, is going to be timing based, fighting large groups of enemies, with a class system based on weapons and no experience points. Of course it’s all a variation of the RPG combat theme, but these are significant changes that haven’t been done before in an online game. I’m pretty sure that makes them…“innovations”.

I’m not sure what you’re expecting.

Wow. Did you play FFXI prior to 2005, or have you ever played it for that matter? You believe FFXI is a rehash of a game that hadn’t come out yet. Pretty ignorant.

Wouldn’t FF9 have actually been the death of innovation, because the game took the series back to its roots?

SO MMOs only offer occasional button presses? What are you basing this nonsense on? MMOs are generally easy in the lower levels, for learning curve purposes, but become increasingly complex as your level increases. And when you’re raiding endgame, you have to be engaged at a level that no offline RPG can even begin to approach.

I’d really like to see you attempt to put some substance around your judgements of MMO’s being non-innovative and only offering “occasional button presses”. I’d like to see you tank as a 75 Ninja in FFXI or PVP successfully as a Rogue in WoW using an “occasional button press”.

MMOs offer more gameplay depth and require more skill than any offline RPG. It’s not even close.

Why wouldn’t us Wii people get them if they became that popular? PS3 is pretty different from wii, isn’t it? I don’t think there’s enough games for wii and ps3 to keep a Wii person from getting one if they were the thing "everyone’ had.