Final Fantasy fans...?

Is there much “Final” Fantasy fans here…?
This forum being an RPG one, I’m guessing all of you have played one at least once…

Anyone??? (Or is everyone anti-FF here? :mwahaha: )

Well uh, we do have an FF forum :stuck_out_tongue: so yes

What the hell is “Final Fantasy”? Some kind of a pickle?

It’s a kind of FIsh BM1. Found only off the west coast of the topmost ten miles of Alaska.

Sounds more like bad porn.

No, it’s actually a kind of cocktail.


Final Fantasy XXX is a bad porn.


Please, don’t mind these jokers, they tend to be a bit sarcastic to people who ask seemingly redundant questions. …Actually, we’re pretty much sarcastic all the time. Still, it grows on you after awhile.

It certainly grew on me. Happens quite quickly.

Final… fantasy?

Your other sentence was so nicely punctuated, I will try to help.
The sentence should be written like this.
Are there any/many “Final Fantasy” fans here?

Final Fantasy? Is that a Fallout mod?

What is that? Is it like when someone comes up with a fantasy, and after that no one will ever have one again?

No, it means that its squaresoft’s last game, and it will be an RPG with a fantasy setting, to compete with enix’s successful dragon warrior games. It will innovate a lot, including the idea of having an entire party, an in-depth magic system, and will be so massive the cartridge will be an ENTIRE MEGABIT.

Whooooa now, let’s not go crazy!

Bah, sounds like crap, it’ll never succeed.

Now, now, don’t be too hasty. Maybe they’re using The Brick’s strategy. You know how they keep extending the years you have until to pay? Well, Square’s probably doing the same thing - each year they’ll say, "This is the Final Fantasy. Buy it now before it’s too late.

Aeris dies? ;_;