Final Fantasy 12 details!


Nice knowing stuff ahead of time. Something tells me this game will be good.

Also, ‘Arche’ as she is called (no official english translations available yet) seems to wield a sword; an end to the typical weakling/mage lead female?

Though ‘van’ reminds me of tidus a wee bit too much, but time will tell if its just the looks or not.

Now, only 6 or so more days until square really starts talking!

I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but notice that she is going to have a major wedgie swinging that sword around.

D’oh! I can never view images at Gamespot, never know why. I wanna see the preview pic!::dekar!::


Doesn’t look that bad, other then the fact that that character resembles Yuna…

WHo resembles Garnet who resembles Rinoa oops I mean Tifa

(that was a stetch and I know it:get it?: )

Arche from ToP (a MAGE) is BETTER! Cuter, too!

It’s definitely not an MMORPG. In which case I’m interested. It looks awesome.

Looks like FFX/X-2

Hey its Final Fantasy - I am there =)

Though ‘van’ reminds me of tidus a wee bit too much, but time will tell if its just the looks or not.

Arche from ToB was also really cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, just because it is Final Fantasy doesn’t make it good, I’ll wait to see… after FFX (both of them, you all know my highly negitive oppinions ;P) I can only hope this ‘arche’ isn’t some giga whore.

Edit: also, as goes for all games that only have graphics to show for them, ‘No Bishies? No good!’ So lets hope FFXII has a decent plot :stuck_out_tongue:


Van looks like Tidus/Zidane/Squall/Cloud Strife/Bartz/KUALA LUMPUR/Guy/Fighter/KUALA LUMPUR!

Aww… I can’t wait till the game comes out~ The female protagonist looks SEXY!!! But the Tidus wannabe looks… Gay… Kinda.

Originally posted by Dragonessa
Arche from ToP (a MAGE) is BETTER! Cuter, too!

I vaguely remember her. I didn’t play far enough into the game for her to join, though. First of all because the battle controls were wierd and fickle about when they would respond, and also because I made a point of avoiding the opening scenario where the town gets destroyed.

<img src=“”> Woo, Bangaa.

if van IS how he ‘looks’, thank you very much for that beautiful description, Fenril, then I think FFXII might be worth playing XP


Cool :slight_smile:
And Spoony, RPGFan has some preview too, try there. I can’t link due to their anti-linkloop that only gets you to the mainpage, but it’s got a huge headline so you can’t miss it.

Ooh shiny!

sounds like fun. At least it’s not another p2p cmmorpg.