Final Fantasy 10-2 and fanfiction for it.

Hey everyone, I recently signed up and all, and I’m a real big fan of EVERY Final Fantasy, especially the upcoming release of it. I just want to tell everyone what you think, and if you, like me, write fanfiction for ANY Final Fantasy, go ahead and post it here. Besides, I sometimes love a great fanfiction more that what actually happens:hahaha; .

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Check out the MEDIA FORUM, then- where… uh… people post fanfics.

And the FFC, where people talk about Final Fantasy.

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Welcome, you will have a great time, but yeah Cybercompost is right if you want to do fanfics they have their own forum.

how can you write ffx2 fanfic that isnt yuri?

Thanks you all for your hospitality. Anyway, I write mostly Final Fantasy Fanfiction, InuYasha (on RARE occasions), Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop. I try to make them…Appropriate as well. I get a lot of “Yuri” and “Yaoi” requests, and I think I only did 1 for a certain friend. Anyway, thanks for your time.

Fanfictionee (Call me Alex)

P.S.= If anyone has a certain Fanfiction request, just ask :cool:

Well, Its simple, yet complex. The game isn’t out yet which leaves PLENTY of room for a story here and there. I’ve already started one that takes place almost at the same time the game does. Anyway, I dont simply do crap like," Paine was on marajuana and sake, and had an unusual attraction towards Rikku" (sake is japanese liquor by the way). There’s not even 20% of logic toward that. Yuri and Yaoi is simply some fanfiction genre/style for people that find it entertaining. I mean yeah, a lot of people like it, but for christ’s sake, its A GAME OR ANIME OR MANGA! Again, No logic behind it. I mean, I’d be one thing if it was a romance TV show or novel, but ANIME? Thats sort of low in my opinion. Sorry to get into so much detail, but I just wanted to get that point across. (And not to contradict myself here, but if you REALLY DO want me to write you a custom Fanfiction Yaoi or Yuri, and you think its something that you either want badly, and think really needs to be done, you know where to find me.


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a lot of game and manga characters are more real than nonfictional people. (and hotter)

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Welcome, Fanfictionee. Err, we don’t do Yuri or Yaoi or anything like that here… well, maybe if it’s in good taste. Check with Weiila, our Mistress of Fanfics. (Some of MY fanfics were dangerously close, I admit…)

And yeah, we have the Media Board for posting Fanfics and the FF Board for talkin’ FF.

And personally, I wouldn’t call it a TRUE FFX2 fanfic until the writer has seen, at the very least, a good synopsis of the game. Until then, it’s just a post-FFX fic.

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I’m in between gigs. It was either the rules or slave one, and I never liked the rules. Slave one’s old.

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