Final Fantasy 10-2 and fanfiction for it.

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Welcome to the boards! :slight_smile: The fanfic archive can hopefully deal with all your fanfiction needs (though I’d rather not accept FFX2 fics until the game is released at least, and no yaoi or yuri on any occassion if it’s not something really special). Though we could really need some more FFX fics, the FFVIII is taking over completely…

But FFVIII fiction is so damned easy to write. :stuck_out_tongue:


By the way, did anyone notice that girl in black boots and red eyes in FFX-2,(maybe her name is Paine) looks just like the feminine version, ergo, the perfect lover of Squall Leonhart!?

Um … I’m not sure just a female version would be automatically “the perfect lover.” I mean, look at Ranma.

Welcome to RPGC :slight_smile:

Though, I have to ask: How can you write a good fanfic based on something you’ve never experienced? Unless I feel really involved with the characters and plotline, I can’t write fanfiction, and writing it based solely on the characters’ appearances seems a little shallow to me >.>

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squalls perfect lover is cloud, duh.

Oh good Lord no…

Welcome to the RPGC. And I do the whole fanfiction shindig too.

Originally posted by Silhouette
squalls perfect lover is cloud, duh.

I fucking hate you now. You make my mind bleed with your sick imagery.

Damn, if Paine is like Squall, then they’re either twins, I mean Paine is Squall’s long-lost-sister. C’mon, look at her face, she looks just like him. Maybe it’s a charactarization of Squall?

I mean this really bothers me.

Hey, I know! Let’s all kill Silhouette for that mental image!

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What a disturbing image! Silhoette, how could you come with something so sick? begins to vomit

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I agree highly about the whole game needed to be realeased thing. However, I do consider it FF1-2 fanfiction because of the fact that i HAVE played the japanese demo of the game.(it kicks ass by the way) And I think its still (what little i’ve complied) Would entertain someone, so look for my fanfiction post in the near future under media

uh i was kidding, of course. clouds perfect lover is vincent.